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You Might Need to Stop Having Sex…

Listen, it’s still ‘that’ time of year where folk be changing their futures, planning, doing and going on diets.

Getting to the gym, breaking themselves on cardio machines and doing everything all wrong.

(I’m a miserable fecker really…)

If that sounds like you, and if you’re serious about success… I mean actually changing… then you might have to quit having sex.


Or quit eating chocolate, nice food and cake.

Stop lying in at the weekend or watching TV in the evening.

Whatever it is, it has to be something you like…

A lot!

They’re my terms and conditions, and I don’t really care what you think because I know it to be true.

Here’s why…

Any change takes discipline.

It takes discipline to get started and it takes discipline to ‘last the course’.

Any nugget can ‘go on a diet’

Any nugget can monologue to me about ‘becoming a millionaire’ or a ‘professional cage fighter’

… then quit tomorrow because they’re all mouth and no balls.

We’ve all heard it before.

Here’s the deal.

Here’s the test.

Time to see if you can (… or can’t pass it)




If you can’t abstain from sex for say a week, or masturbating for a month.

Or eating your favourite food for a day.

Then how the ‘be-jesus’ can you have the discipline, determination and stubbornness to commit to the daily actions necessary to change your life, forever?!

Com’ on.

Be serious.

Stop lying.

Prove to me you have the ‘jacobs’ to at least last a day or a week first.

Show me you have the discipline, the determination and commitment to REALLY make that change.

More importantly, prove it to yourself.

I dares you to test yourself.

Picks something, something you love.

Then give it up.

Go on a 24 hour fast (… listen I’m no doctor so do your own due-dilligence).

Give up your morning coffee or afternoon donut.

Then do it again tomorrow.

Test yourself.

See if you can do it.

And when you do (… I’m being positive here) you’ll have proven something to yourself.

That you have discipline.

That’s a good thing.

Now, listen…

I’m miserable fucker, I’m not going to sugar coat-it or beat around the bush pretending to be anything but.

It’s the way I am, I quite like it and I don’t give a shit.

I’m a turd that can’t be polished.

But you can’t deny, the little (but uber important ) lesson here is true.

You need to have discipline.

In all aspects of your life.

And this is an easy way to test yourself, prove to yourself (… and then put it to your students or whack on an application form for your high ticket coaching for future clients) you have the commitment.

That you’re not lying to yourself and you do really want it.

Now.Do it!

Over ‘n out,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Ok so here’s my story, my thang for 2015. I’m been training daily, and working on products daily… and I’ve just added writing an article like this, daily.

Have I mananged to do it daily? Nope, but I’ve roughly an 80% compliance. Not perfect but a fuck-load better than the adhoc compliance I had in late 2014. 2015 is all about discipline, more specifically disciplined about consistency…

P.P.S. Did I have to give up sex and chocolate? Er, what do you take me for?! Maybe I have, maybe I give something up everyday just to test myself… but it really doesn’t matter what I think.  All that matters is you have the jackobs, the nuts, the balls to stick to whatever it is you’re doing because if you can’t you will be the same you come 2016… scary, huh?

Now go join my list…

Nighty, night….

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