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you, a Chicken Entrepreneur

About 2 weeks back I stumbled across one of the most depressing articles, a married man with kids can read…

I was “stalking” a super-duper entrepreneur who managed to create a million-dollah a year business pretty all on his own (i.e. with ZERO employees).

He sold the business because he realized he’d need to have staff to scale it further, and do all that non-secksy stuff like fulfilment, customer service, dealing with orders… you get the idea.

The reason I was stalking him, is the dude has sick copywriting skills and ran his own business (he didn’t whore his copywriting services out). He was the MAIN man. The guy in control. With no one else to answer to. No employed-donuts calling in sick or going on holiday (the f’ing cheek). And I like that a lot. I have 2 kids already and the thought of looking after adult-kids working for me is my 2nd worse nightmare…

Anyways, Mr. Goff pretty much said (and I’m paraphrasing), if you’re married with kids then you got a big-phat ZERO chance of changing your career and succeeding… he could’ve hit me in the face with a shovel, that’s how much it hurt.

But then sometimes that’s exactly what ‘one’ needs. A smack in the face. To get angry. So you can go prove some phucker wrong… grrrrr.

Stroll in the “Chicken Entrepreneur”

Because it’s the BEST way to get started (go ask Mark Ford if you don’t believe me).

In an eggshell, you’re a Chicken ‘cos you don’t have the balls to quit your job – which is actually a wise move young jedi.

And an entrepreneur, with the hunger to do level 11 sh1t when everyone else is happy at 5 (tops), crawling through life fo’the’man and keeping their fingers crossed they can retire. that’ not me. And I’m hoping not you.

They’re the perfect kinda business to squeeze into a busy life, around a job, around a family and into an hour or two (… if you’re lucky per day).

But it takes DISCIPLINE and BRASS balls.

The kinda discipline where you chunk out serious amounts of time (ideally daily) and commit to it (ideally daily).

And it takes brass balls, because sometimes you’re going to get sh1t wrong. Sometimes you’re going to make bad decisions (i.e. pick the wrong niche, create the wrong product or fall flat on your face and fail). That’s entrepreneurial-life.

Just remember, failure can’t cope with persistence.

All it takes is making a decision on the direction you’re traveling… and then to get moving.

If you’re looking for inspiration (and something simple) this little clip will take less than 2-minutes of your time.

Then get moving,

Alan Soya

P.S. Have a peak, see what you think.

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