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Why Newbie’s Need to Forget About Sales Funnels

So, if I understand this right (and I do)…

The big money isn’t in selling your product.


Y’know that product you’ve bust your balls to bring to market, spend dozens of hours on and, keeping your fingers crossed, and will move your ass from sofa to sandy beach…

Well it isn’t going to make you rich.


‘Specially if it’s a $7 product you’ve just put up on the Warrior Forum, when you’ve got no JV partners, no reputation and it’s just little old you and your laptop in your kitchen.

Even if you had all that stuff and that help in place…

That front end product isn’t how you make it, it isn’t how you retire in the next 3 years and it probably isn’t going to a make a dent in your monthly bills either.

What it is, however, is how you get your customers.

Let me explain…

The people that visit your website aren’t customers.  They aren’t even prospects ready to buy from you.

Suspects visit your website.

They don’t know you from Adam and they probably don’t trust you either.  That’s definitely if they’re cold traffic who’ve never heard of you.

With cold traffic, I reckon you’d have more chance of getting money using a 419 scam and pretended to be a Nigerian Prince and were in possession of an inheritance owed to them.

Back to the sales funnel.

The next step the suspect takes is to join your email list.

Here they move from prospects to suspects. They move along the line from not knowing you, to getting to know you and then start listening what you can do for them.

Let’s say that one more time… what you can do for them.

And when your suspect becomes a prospect:

They might start to trust you.

They might start to see you as an authority.

They might buy something from you.

When all this happens and when they decided to ‘pull the trigger‘ and spend money with you, they’re a buyer.  They’re one step closer to becoming a customer, someone who buys and buys frequently.

And when you have a buyer, not a tyre-kicker, if you play your cards right, if you treat them right and you find out what else you can do to help them…

You can start to make some real money with back-end products.

Because if you’re front-end product just about paid for the creation of your initial product, your time and your traffic then you’ve done bloody good all ready.  You’ve just acquired a customer for free and that is tough.

The first purchase, that initial buy is the first step in weeding out the tyre kickers who are looking for free help, from the people who are ready to invest in your product and their business.

Now here’s the problem, at least for the little guy.

If you want to maximize your back-end, and you listen to the gurus (… who make oodles of cash-money) with their TEAMS of staff and DEEP pockets you haven’t even scratched the surface.

Because now you need to add your core offer, your profit maximizer, your continuity program, a bucket list, an email series for each product (for the people who don’t buy), a re-activation program… and a whole lot more more.

You need your team of copywriters, your web designers, your split testers, your product and content creators, your traffic guys, your JV partners and that list with hundreds of thousands of prospects and thousands of customers to roll your product out there.

The guru might have his shit together but the reality is…

You’re left feeling confused, overwhelmed and wondering where the fcuk to start…

Now, I don’t know about you but I don’t have a team of staff to do whatever I tell them to.

The problem with this guru approach isn’t that it doesn’t work, it’s that it doesn’t work for the dude nailing down a full-time job, spending time with his family and doing this sh*t on the side to trying to break free from the rat race.

Following the guru is like going from 0 to 10.

It just isn’t going to happen.

That’s overwhelm for you.

And so, you end up jumping on push button, magic solution, get rich quick bullshit and bright, shiny objects.

What you need to do is focus on getting from 0 to 1.

Then to 2.

Then 3.

It might not be sexy, it probably isn’t what you want to hear (… go and buy some bright, shiny object then) but it is what will really set you free from the rat race.

And as for your profit maximizers, core offers and all that other sh*t.

Yeah, it’s all good BUT there’s a lot of other ways to peel that money potato.

Trust me, that’s coming in future posts.

For today though, just get to 1.

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Listen, I’d be lying if I said Guru Sales Funnels are bad,some of these boys are killing it, I’m just saying… it’s OVER kill for the little guy starting from scratch.  There are better ways, easier ways and smarter ways.

P.P.S. Stay tuned…

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