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Why Gary Vaynerchuk IS wrong

Gary Vaynerchuk doesn’t have a clue…

His book “Jab Jab Jab Right Hook?”


Everyone knows there is no such thing as a right hook. You only throw a straight right or a right upper-cut. The right hook? No power and it leaves you open.

Too dangerous.

Now, everyone knows boxing. And everyone who’s watched at least one fight is already an expert (is 6:46am too early for sarcasm)?

And everyone knows that no matter how much training you do in the gym…

How many different types of punches, combinations, angles or sweet set-ups you learn in the gym…

None of that makes you a world champ. It doesn’t even make you a fighter.

And that’s a problem for a lot of folk.

It’s a problem with ye olde “Internet Marketing” businesses too (and I ‘fess up to being a victim of this too).

People… newbies… wantrapreneurs… and buyers of bright, shiny objects (I got lots of them) all make the mistake of believing when you buy a system, product or course… the world is now your oyster and your future path’s are paved with gold.

But buying a product, reading a book or studying your favourite guru (even knowing what he or she sh*ts in the pan) won’t make you rich.

In the same way as learning everything about boxing won’t make you a boxer, learning everything about digital marketing, won’t make you a marketer.

You got to get in the ring…

Mix it up in the real world…

And take your fair share of head-shots…

It’s going to hurt, you’re going to get hit and you will feel pain.

But at least, then, you can call yourself a boxer. Or a marketer.

You need to step out from behind your bright, shiny objects. You need to put your fear of failure’s behind you. You need to commit time to doing (instead of consuming) and you have to be ready to fall flat on your arse.

So, right now, pledge to be different.

Let the others be the armchair experts. Let them shoot the shit about what Manny Pacquio and Connor McGregor should have done. You just keep your head down, grin politely and step back into the ring for the next round.

Do the work and implement what you learn.

That’s how fights are won, and changes to your life are made.


Alan Dermot

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