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Where do I start?! Help for Newbies

Where do I start? Advice for newbiesIf you’ve been busting a gut for any length of time on ye olde internet then you’ll probably have tried, failed and tried again.

It’s a vicious circle and IMHO it happens because we’re used to having a boss who tells us what do to, when to do it and how we should do it.  Our ability to self-manage is a thing of the past as we’ve been educated to work in what once were factories and what are now – cubicles, call-centres and other modern factory equivalents.

In a drive for economical standards, consistency and competitiveness — I can’t think of a single workplace that hasn’t been turned into a factory type setting where thinking is no longer necessary.

Sorry… the post and the passion took over!

So here’s what you do.

You continue with what you’re doing, if you got results then you got you some feedback.

If  you got some traffic, made a sale or even added a subscriber to your list — then you got something that’s working.

Now you need to work on that bad boy and make it work some more.

Sure — I know, I know — sometimes you have to abandon a business idea because the market for re-useable toilet tissue went down the pan (pun intended – sorry) but for the most part…

If you’re in a niche with a problem and solution to be found, if you’ve got something to do with health, wealth or relationships — then stick with what’s working and making you money right now.  Don’t abandon ship and seek a new path — stick to what’s working and make it better.

You got results, not go get ’em boy!

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