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When Your Head Hurts (… and you don’t know what to do)

Does your head ever hurt from thinking too much?

It’s not pain in the physical sense.

It’s more like the brain-fog that comes down. It’s the feeling of overwhelm, coupled with not knowing (or not having a clear plan) of what to do next.

IMHO I’d say it’s a big stumbling block for many folk online.

Especially the newbies straight out the starting block.

Getting pulled in each and every direction.

Not sure whether they should be an affiliate or create a product. Start a blog or focus on Facebook.


Here’s what I’d do…

Imagine you’re standing infront of a panel of investors.

All interested in investing and helping your business. You need their money, their financial backing and their mentorship.

They just want to know you can give them a return on their investment.

The end goal… you both win big. Millions perhaps.

NOTE: We have a TV series in the UK called the Dragons Den which is exactly like this.

Now the investors ain’t just going to give you the money you want and start helping. Hell no. There’s far too many crazy people out there!

They want to know you’re a safe bet.

That you got your head screwed on.

And that you have a clear business plan in place. Where you know what you’re going to sell (or promote), who you’re going to sell it to and how you’re going to grow.

They want to know your income and your expenditure.

Back to the brain fog…

When you stand up infront of these investors and tell them…

I got three blogs in three different niches, seven Facebook pages on random s*iT, four projects that I’ve not yet finished and half a dozen million dollar ideas floating around my head…

… that they’re going to be impressed with your business?


Bottomline is this.

When it comes to overcoming brain fog, overwhelm and simply cracking on in the real world of “making money” you can’t take the shot gun approach.

Firing scattered rounds and hopeing to hit something.

Life just don’t work like that.

And investors will run a mile.

Now — of course — you don’t need an investor but unless you can clearly pitch your business idea, that is…

What your selling, who you’re selling to and how you’re going to market and grow that business CLEARLY then you’re all over the place.

One internet anti-guru once said “If you got one business then you got a 95% chance of success, two businesses then 75% and if you got three then it drops to 50%” was spot on.

Sure the stats are probably a steaming heap of sh*te but the point is clear.

You need to know what you’re doing. Be focused and ideally have that plan on paper.

So when the brain fog comes down. And the overwhelm takes over you know EXACTLY what to do next.

Focus on your business.

Getting new leads and customers in. Selling your stuff and following up relentlessly.

Marketing and business fundamentals.

No matter what niche or market you’re in.


My Sunday morning brain-fart is over. Time to go to some spints on the track.

Can you say “PAIN!”

Take care, focus and one business.

Then learn and apply the basics.

Alan’s Internet Marketing

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