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When you can drop and leave 100 bucks on the ground

If Sir Bill Gates of Microsoft dropped a crisp, green 100 dollah bill on the filthy floor…

And it took a whopping, 2 seconds for him to hike his pants up, break a sweat and bend over to pick it up…

It actually wouldn’t be worth his time.

For Bill is worth an unreal, 72 billon which works out (give or take) 114 bucks per second if he was getting a 6% return on his money – I bet it’s a lot, lot more.

Financially, it’s wouldn’t be worth wasting his time to pick that 100-dollah bill up.

Madness, huh?!

So when you are in Sir Bill Gates shoes, you too can leave the near-worthless scrap of paper on the ground.

Now speaking of crazy numbers, get this…

Every hour 11 billion emails are sent.

11 billion, and GROWING.

That’s a crazy number, you’d be bat-shit crazy to ignore.

Email is hot.

Email is STILL up there pound for pound when it comes to getting the biggest bang for your buck and return on investment.

Facebook messaging BOTS, haven’t replaced it.

Instagram messaging, not even close.

And I’m betting any job or mortgage applications, anything serious, asks you for your email address and not your Twitter handle or Facebook ID.

Am I right, or am I right?

Amazon, Netflix, my daughter’s nursery… all use email.

Info-products, supplements, services… all sold via email.

Email is the muts-nuts, the bees-knees, the cats-pyjamas for marketing DIRECTLY to leads and your customers.

It’s still hotter than lava for sales (and it’s cooler than ice to be able to make sending one your living).

Email is, and will be around for a lot, lot longer.

I bet my left-nut on it.

So if you’re not already building a list and emailing them daily… then you’re crazy.

If you haven’t got an auto-responder account, you’re nuts.

And if you don’t know what, or how to write quality emails that sell your stuff… don’t worry… that’s the easy bit you can learn from El Benbo.

He’s got writing emails down to 10 minutes per day and shares (some of) his secrets here.

It’s good stuff, enjoy,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. This email took 16:03 minutes to write, 11:36 minutes to edit and about 2 minutes to load into my Aweber account and send. I’m getting there…

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