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What do all WSOs (… and Bright Shiny Objects) have in common?

Oh the irony…

Tell me, what do all WSOs and Bright Shiny Objects have in common?

Here it is…

They’re products, bruv.

All of them are products.

So why the irony?

Well, look into the product creator.

Does he (or she) have multiple products, in multiple sub-niches of the Internet Marketing goldfish bowl they release on a monthly basis?

I mean…

Are they releasing a get rich with Facebook product in January, a get rich with YouTube in February, a get rich with Twitter in March…

You get me?

I mean…

If you were making 20K a month with YouTube vidoes would you:

a) Teach anyone and risk saturating your world with copy-cats?
b) Work even more to create a product you can sell for $7 on the Warrior Forum?

I doubt that very much.

Sure there are exceptions. People like Alex Jeffries always seem to regurgitate the same business model (creating products, recruiting affiliates and launching them) which IS a good thing.

It might be the same shit but… hey, that’s how the real world works and he sells the same stuff because it’s what he does. Player.

Other product creators sit there smoking their wacky-backy in the evenings ‘thinking’ up new, inventive and sexy money making business plans they can go on to sell.

Do they work… they don’t care.

Are they sexy and selling ‘get rich quick, easy, without work, with no product, advertising, videos or time… oh yeah, they are.

And they sell by the bucket load because the Crack Heads who make them know their market and know what they want (… not what they need and definitely not something that works, assuming they actually did the work which they won’t!)

Well that’s turned into a rant.

Back to my point.


It’s all about products.

Creating products, writing the sales copy and uploading the buy buttons before driving traffic to them.

That’s all you need to learn and all you need to do.  Well that and perhaps a few social skills so you can make some friends, create a mastermind and get some help in flying to the top.  Something for another time maybe…


Don’t you dare go and buy another WSO (… not even one on product creation) until you’ve made at least one of your own products.

It’s save you a lotta heart-ache, and actaully make you some money.

Bed time, late night lesson over and out…

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Ok, ok you got me, I have to sell something. Listen, if you don’t have the time to create your own product then pick up some quality Private Label rights in your niche. Then edit them, add your own spin, get your own graphics and start selling babycakes…

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