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Watch TV, take this pill, look like Cindy…

Magic Pills and Internet MarketingA ‘loverly’ friend of mine was criminally treated by ‘the industry’.

After years of being single and overweight (… blaming one on the other of course) she bit the bullet and went to see a ‘specialist’.

The ‘specialist’ sold her some magic pills.

She was sold on being able to watch the TV, take the pill and look like Cindy Crawford (we’re going back a few years).

Turns out she was sold speed.

An amphetamine.

She only found out what it was after she had been admitted to hospital with a heart attack.

I think she was 25 at the time.

These magic pills are dangerous.

She was lucky, it could have been a lot, lot worse.

Magic pills exist in every industry but none more than the one we’re both in, here on the internet.

Back in the day, I bought into it in a big way.

I fell in love with affiliate marketing. I liked the idea of having no product, no inventory, no customer service or refunds.

I liked the idea of living on a beach with my laptop…

Sadly the reality is very different.

The monies came in dribs and drabs. Not much, just a Clickbank check here and there and a list that was pretty much USELESS.

A list of freebie seekers.

That all changed when I created my first, second etc product.

Now I have a buyers lists. Now I have people WORTH emailing.

And if you want to be an affiliate, then that my friend is what I’m recommending.

Get your own product out there, even if it’s a PLR product, just get one out there.

Sell it and build a buyers list.

Amazingly, you’ll actually sell some sh*t too.

No magic pills, no mis-sold amphetamines.

So go and do it, pick a niche.

Sell a product, build a list.

Make more cashola, live the dream (… eventually).

Hope this helps, it’s the truth and nothing but the truth,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. If you’re stuck on finding a niche, you can discover the best niches for 2014 here.

P.P.S. It also happens to be some of the finest, simplest, most actionable affiliate information I’ve heard in a l-o-n-g time too! 

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