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Warning: The following post is foul-mouthed, offensive and makes me feel good…


A Gary Halbert term and boy do I like it.

What is a shitweazel? I’m not sure but I think it goes along with fucktard and there are plenty of them on this planet.

For example…

A friend (and client o’mine) had a customer come in for a refund on his sandwich today. He bought (and ate it) yesterday. He was complaining that the chorizo must have been off and that’s why he felt ill today.

Shame they hadn’t been selling chorizo sandwiches for the past 4 months.

They didn’t tell him that. They just said they’d have a look for the time he came in yesterday, bought the sandwich and get back to him.

He bottled it. Let it go.

And fingers crossed. He’ll never be back.

That’s a shitweazel.

Today I had a complaint from sending an email. And as much as I’d like to tell you I’m going to lose sleep because I care so much about my subscribers — that dude who complained — is a shitweazel.

He (or she) signed up, could’ve un-subscribed but instead choose to fire some shit back my way, hit the complaint button and then wander off on their merry way.

It reminds of the times someone punched me in the face and ran away before I could fire one back.


Where do they come from and where do they live.

What’s my point?

My point is this, you can’t get away from the shitweazels (… come to think about it I have a Kindle book with a 1 star review by a shitweazel), they’ve around us. They’re everywhere (… do I sound paranoid to you). The problem is they won’t tell you their shitweazels and fucktards when they join your list or buy your products. In fact they’ll do quite the opposite before waiting for turn you back, drop the soap — then they’re in there — the Son’s o’ Bitches.

So stop worrying about them.

Something like 11 people will cry at your funeral. The other fuckers in your life won’t give  a shit or even know.

Don’t let the shitweazels bother you, don’t let their ill-will hold you back or plant that seed of doubt in your mind.

As some lairy dude from Newcastle says (… that be Paul Mort) “No one more successful than you criticises you“.

It’s true.

It’s the lame assed, cling-ons that fuck with your mind, criticise and try to hold you back.

Well it’s time to fuck ’em.

Move on.

And do your thang.

For the record, I’m not sure how many folk will read this post, but if you do, leave a comment and let me know what you think.

I’ll sleep better you shitweazel 😉

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Not on my list? How dare you. Just sign up for that bright, shiny object I promised and you’ll be in there. Laterz.

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