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Want Your Affiliate Niche Sites to Rank? Big G Tells You How to Do It

Search Engine Optimization is (and always will be) one of the hottest topics on ye olde Internet.

If you’re an affiliate and like to build niche sites then you’ll know getting prime position on the first page for your keywords is THE ultimate goal.

Recently I’ve been inspired by Nate Rivers — Niche Video Tycoon — to revamp and improve all of my affiliate, niche sites and two days ago I started playing with some of the extra special features in Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools.

Low and behold I figured I check out what Google has to say on S.E.O. and affiliate sites — makes a change from reading about them on the forums — and then proceeded to smash my head on the desk.


Well imagine this.  You spend years boxing or doing some other combat sport — unsuccessful or at least not doing as well as you could — and then proceed to read the rules on scoring several years later.  Only to find out that the punches you’ve been landing haven’t been scoring.  Or that your were punching when kicking scored twice as highly.

That’s pretty much what the majority of affiliates are doing while working their butts off trying to get to number 1 and then wondering why their sites get smashed after every algorithm update.

Of course there are exceptions — the black hat guys — but then they usually know the rules and are actively trying to find loopholes to get around them.  Plus — because they know they’re playing the system — think “Man I did well to get away with my #1 ranking for so long!”

And if you’d like to read what they say about search engine optimization here is their SEO starter guide.

What Google wants for affiliate niche sites

What Google wants for affiliate niche sites

Now I’m not saying you have to play by the rules or even that it’s the only way to have an army of money making affiliate niche sites BUT if you’re willing to spend a few minutes reading the rules — you already set yourself apart from the 97% of failures out there who’d rather scramble around in the dark.

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  • Mike From Maine February 9, 2012, 8:54 am

    You’re right. Google tells us straight off that auto blogs and the like are frowned upon in their eyes. As long as you create original content and link to it naturally you should be ok.

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