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My Internet Marketing Notes #1: Scum Suckers and I Love Marketing Podcasts

I learned a few things this week.

More importantly a few important things sunk in. Perhaps you know the feeling?

You learn something, think you understand it and then a few days, weeks, months or even years later realize that you only thought you got it.

In reality, the thought needed time to incubate, it needed re-enforcement and NOW you truely understand. It’s why I like buying audio products you can listen to over and over again. You go deeper.

Anyway… back to what I learned.

First off I learned that I Love Marketing has some interesting podcasts. The show is run by Joe Polish and Dean Jackson, and I like it.

I don’t give up my ‘work time’ to listen to them.  I’m trying not to let learning time take place of my applying time.  That’s where the *dreams are made after-all.

They go on the iPod and when I’m trying to keep the missus happy (cleaning up my mess) or driving, I whack on the podcast.

From the Tellman Knudson interview I learned that list building has to become the backbone of my internet business. Like I didn’t know that already… so why aren’t I doing it?

That’s especially important after the recent Panda-Penguin double act Google has just released on the world. What a bit phat load of crap that is. I like it in theory, just that in practise there seems to be a lot of sh*t floating to the surface.

Incidentally I like listening in on Marcus Allen. He’s an acquired taste but I like him and in a recent interview he reported a rumour he’d heard about big G in the not too distant future. Join his list and download the audio’s to hear what he says in person but if you can’t wait…

… apparently all the front page of Google’s listing will become paid advertising.

Remember what I said about list building? Better start doing it now : )

Back to I Love Marketing. The Brendan Burchard interview.

I have trouble with the ‘whole expert thing’. Personally I’m always far too aware of the hundreds and thousands of folk better at what I do.

Let me give you an example. I rank numero #2 nationally for my sport. Think I consider myself an expert? Nope. I’m all to aware of the other folk who’d happily kick my ass with one hand behind their back.

Brendan Burchard swapped the word expert and trainer around.

Ok… become a trainer.

That I can do.

I am and can clearly see myself as a trainer. Different strokes for different folks I guess?  Call yourself a trainer, call yourself an expert.

Either way, it don’t matter, just choose a frame of mind that works for you.


I think the IM world is a sack of lying, fake it ’till you make it scum bags.

Myself included.  I used to believe the fake it ’till you make it thang.

Was it Brian Tracy who promoted that method of thinking?

I still aspire to be a better sales person, product creator, affiliate and list builder but I’m under no illusions that the reality isn’t even close to what most folk online imply.

Have you ever seen the bottom of an email?  It has the corresponding address for the business and, quite often, it’s someone’s house.  I’m yet to find a multi-millionaire like pad.

* So what’s my point?

Aim high — yeah without doubt — but don’t set yourself up for a fall by dreaming about earning 10x your income when making your first sale would be a good start!  Be realistic.  If you can’t make a sale a day then making a 100K a year is going to be a bit of a struggle.

Set goals and try to improve, just keep them one step at a time.  First get something up that you can sell, then try to make your first sale… make it a sale a day and build from there.

Baby-steps my friend.  Anyways…

What else did I learn?

Oh yeah, this is the biggie that took years to sink in.  Trust me, I had to rip the dollar signs that Internet Marketing and MLM had planted in my eyes so I could see again.

Treat people like people.

See marketing as a means to deliver more value than you get paid.  That was another word of advice from Tellman Knudson.

In the end you’ll make more money, have a REAL business and — ultimately — you’ll get what you want.  It’s that Zig Ziglar quote all over again.

Take care, enjoy the rant and feel free to share it.

I need me a bigger list!

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Comment below, tell me I’m wrong and chime in baby!


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