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Two Reasons Affiliate Marketers are Failing [get it right, change your life]

There’s little more disheartening that sending traffic to an affiliate marketing page — rubbing your hands and counting potential earnings — only to find out that no one bought jack.

What now?

Fortunately there’s only two things you gotta work on.

First… your traffic

It’s all about targeted traffic. The people visiting your blog, reading your emails and clicking your links have to be motivated and targeted traffic.

If you’re buying traffic (think solo-ads) then it’s a good idea to buy a small sample to start with. Check the quality and maybe survey those subscribers to see what they REALLY need help with.

It’s a good idea to think about the freebie you’re offering too. The more specific it is the better. Create a free report on building Amazon sites — doesn’t take a genius to find out what stuff is going to convert best to that lis — I hope!

Second… conversions

Is it the pre-sell or is it the product? Remember you’re job isn’t really to sell whatever you’re promoting. Your job is to pre-sell it.

Definition: Affiliate – “to connect or associate oneself”

[source: www.merriam-webster.com]

People buy from people they know, like and trust. Now the best way to build trust is by getting to know your subscribers so they’d buy on your recommendation like they’d buy from a friend.

The next best thing is to demonstrate how that product worked for you, your connection or association with it.

… And if the pre-sell don’t work then maybe it’s the offer. That might be the product, the price, the guarantee etc — the stuff you may not be able to change.

This is why many affiliate marketers only go into niches with multiple products. If one product fails to convert, you pick another, then another. If one product gets withdrawn from the market you’ve got alternatives waiting in line.

Nothing happens online until you have two things – traffic and conversions.

Keep things simple, keep driving traffic and make inroads into your conversions!

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  • Napoles February 21, 2012, 10:18 pm

    Hey Alan,
    I agree buddy its all about Traffic + Conversions when it comes to your visitors and also value.I am talking about always Over-delivering with
    products , offers , bonuses ect…Great post man.

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