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Three ‘Things’ to Ruin Your Business and Sink Your Dreams

I’ve had a nightmare of a 6 months with 11 sites getting hacked around November last year.

Then again around January and again last month.  I was learning from my mistakes, upping my security and doing everything I could… I just didn’t realize these hackers often leave ‘back doors’ to get back in if you don’t clean them properly — that can take hours!

That’s when I realized I was building my business on sand called — a lack of security.

It’s a common mistake.

Three Things that Could Ruin Your Business Before it Gets Off the Ground

1# The Cheapest Place to Get Legal Forms

When I thought about the 30K possible fine you can get from the FTC I pooped my pantz and got serious.

In the past I’ve been using plugins that provided the privacy policies, disclaimers and terms of service for my sites only to realize that they may well have stood for nothing.  I mean anyone can go and hire a developer to create a wordpress plugin for disclaimers… doesn’t mean they will do anything other than add content to your site.

So I got serious and invested in these Legal Forms by J. Scott Talbert

They’re a bargain when you compared them to most legal form generators that cost upwards of $197 so if you’re on a budget you can at least get the latest copy of HIS to copy and paste onto your sites.

2# The Easiest Way to Protect Your Income from Hackers

The saying goes “Fool me once, shame on you — fool me twice, shame on me“!

I thought I was doing the right thing, cleaning my sites and adding extra security with .htaccess files, changing the names of my wp_tables and a few other bits.  Didn’t work.

11 sites down, some making anything from $10 through to $100 on average and one that sometimes did $400 on a good month — it depended on the time of year.

They went down and never made it back to their original rankings.  Imagine that, one day you’re earning and the next day you’re wishing you had a job and a monthly pay check to fall back on.  Fortunately I do but what if I didn’t and couldn’t cover my mortgage?  Suddenly the dream lifestyle becomes a nightmare.

Through Nate Rivers I found out about Code Garage who’ll back-up and protect your sites 24/7.  As soon as they detect anything amiss they’re on it like dog on heat (… sorry but they work fast).  When my sites were hacked I asked if they could clean them and they offered me a 50% discount on removing the offending malware if I signed up.

For just $15 (which is a price unheard of online) they’ll look after up to 15 sites for you.  Well worth the peace of mind, tens of hours spent restoring your sites, anger, frustration and keeping your income up!

3# How to Get 10K Pay Days and Actually Keep the Money!

Thanks to John Thornill for bringing this one to my attention.

For ages I’ve seen plenty of threads on ye olde Warrior Forum talking about PayPal accounts getting suspended and shut down.  The general gist is that PayPal isn’t a fan of make money online products and definately not the Warrior Special Offer form.

In their minds they see the buyers as the sellers and the sellers as the buyers.  A goldfish bowl where I pay you for something, then you pay me for something with no real value added in exchange.  Sure they have a point in some ways but that’s only if you never decide to step outside the forum — big mistake!

One of the main reasons for this is the WSO section does not have an approval process so you could pretty much sell anything — even your Gran’s Virtual Knickers — which means that PayPal see’s it as HIGH risk.  Especially when they see a hundred dollars going into your account here and there… then a surge of several thousand when you release a WSO.

Looks suspicious — you have to agree!

So John has been recommending — wait for it — Clickbank simply because they approve your product, check your testimonials and make sure everything is legit before you start selling it.  That in itself adds a layer of authenticity to your product and those $10,000 pay days are no longer at risk.

That’s the general gist of it anyway, my only question is what about affiliates and if everyone starts buying through their affiliate link?!  Guess I’ll just have to go and buy John Thornhill’s WSO Domination to find out!

Do You Have Anything Else to Share?

Listen, like you I’m learning as I go.

No one has all the answers from adding legal forms, backing up your site and choosing your payment processor carefully — we’re all learning and adapting as the web changes.

The only thing I know I’ve not covered is protecting your downloads and keeping them secure, something I’m guilty of in a big way.

Please feel free to comment, share your 2 pence or 2 cents below…


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