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Thinking of running a FREE WSO to build your list?

I just ran a free WSO to build my list.

The real goal of the WSO was to test a couple of offers and see how well they convert.

So far I’m in the red.

My free WSO and test has lost me money.

While “that’s marketing for youI hate losing money. At least this early on.

That, my friend is why you need to present your own offer to your subscribers immediately after they join your list.

Not in a couple of hours, a day or a week.


Right after they join your list

That is when they are hottest and when they are most interested in what you have to say.

You have their full attention.

There are some folk out there that ‘feel’ selling is bad but here’s the truth.

When you sell something to your list, something magical happens…


[1] You don’t lose money which means you’re STILL in business.

[2] You separate your list into the freebie seekers and the buyers.

[3] You deepen the relationship with your list.

Yes… it’s about making your money back FAST.

And yes, it’s about separating the freebie seekers from the buyers.

But it’s also about knowing what your list is and isn’t interested in based on what they did or did not buy.

Which means you can better serve your list.

By selling something, you’ve discovered something about your list and deepened the relationship with your buyers.

Important stuff.

Plus you made your money back and you’re still in business.

For my next ‘free WSO’ I’m definitely adding a one-time-offer immediatley after new subscribers sign up to my list.

I’m thinking of using this PLR product.

The content is of fundamental importance, the perceived value is high and it’s not expensive for new subscribers to buy.

Good information that’s genuinely good for your list,

Take care,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. The real way to build a list for free and super-fast is by learning how to spend money on traffic and instantly break even or turn a profit.

Because you can repeat that over, and over again…

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  • Chris Cole June 15, 2012, 3:46 pm

    Hi Alan,

    Some great stuff there. I have also run free WSOs for list building, but I have never promoted to them immediately after joining my list.

    In a way I was scared to do this, but I can understand your thinking. You can classify the people on your list and cut out the freebie seekers by doing this.

    I also have the issue of not promoting or emailing to my list often enough. I will have to also look into addressing this!

    • Big Al June 19, 2012, 11:44 am

      Hey Chris… good to see you! There’s so many ‘opinions’ out there on what you should and should email to your list. I think the only way to find out is by doing it. Then judging what works and doesn’t work for your list by what open, buy, unsubscribe or reply (that’s a biggie). Other than surveys how else can you get to know the hundreds or thousands that might be on your list other than looking at their behaviour? Always learning!

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