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The Worst Number in Business…

If your boss (figuratively) decided to bend you over and shaft you tomorrow… what would you do about it?

If he (or she, that bitch) sacked you… harassed you… bullied you… just made life so-unpleasant you couldn’t go back…

What would you do?

Could you walk-away and still, pay your bills, pay your mortgage, buy food, get medical treatment… and what about your resume (or CV). What would you say to prospective employers about WHY you left? Would they believe you, question you, doubt the abuse you just went through?

Not sure.

Dan Kennedy, who’s a legend and let’s leave it at that (humor me and go with it because I’m right) said the worst number in business is 1.

1 income source.
1 employee.
1 traffic source.
1 product.
1 email list.
1 skill.

He’s 100% on the money.

Because (and shit does hit the fan now, and then) if that 1 source of whatever happens… then you my friend are fcuked.

Sunk. Gone. Finished. Over.

Getting back on your feet, of course, it’s possible, but first, you gotta get your breath back and onto your knees.

My point really is this…

If you rely on your boss. If you rely on that ONE job. That one income source and one potential retirement nest egg and it lets you down… don’t come crying to me. Because you were warned.

And even if you love your job. Love your boss. And life is smelling of roses, shit could one day come rolling your way (and it generally rolls one way, downhill, from the top down to you).

The boss could change, get divorced, sell the business or just die. The job could change. The world could change, Artificial Intelligence could render you useless… you get the idea.

Bad things happen. Try asking the nice people who worked at the banks that crashed and burned. Banks don’t go under, right?

Now the hardest part to getting started, with something worth starting. I mean picking a niche and deciding on a business model. But if I were you (and, it’s your DECISION at the end of the day) I’d go build a list and start emailing it. Start building a relationship, start building a following, start helping people out for REAL with your information…

Then start selling them something that will improve their situation too. You’re not selling them “your shit”, your selling them EXACTLY what they need to solve their problem. It’s a service, and your duty to sell them it (providing it genuinely helps).

E’nuff for tonight

I’m off to bed.

So I while I go brush my teeth, you might want to wander over this way and have a look at what my non-buddy Ben Settle says you should do.


Alan Soya

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