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The Strange Art of Drunken Marketing…

Do you ever wish your mind would settle?

Slow down.

Stop moving.

Be still.

Like going to bed drunk, the room — and the ideas — are spinning, whirling around your head uncontrollably.

I know what it feels like.

I used to get it bad.

It’d stop me in my tracks, I’d let myself get distracted and then — when the birds started to sing, and the sun started to come up — I’d give up and go to bed.

Another evening wasted.

Sound familiar?

It happens when you’ve SO many ideas, and there are so many things to do. And you’re desperate to do them all, because doing equals change.

To your income. To your future. To your lifestyle. To your happiness.

Unarguably, the MOST important things in your life.

If that sounds like you, I’ve some sage advice for you.

Even though it’s too good to give away, for fear folk don’t listen and take note:

“The goal is to keep the goal, the goal”


Good stuff, eh?

Sadly, most folk won’t and don’t get it. They read the words, but don’t hear the advice.

When your head is spinning ’round and you don’t know what direction you’re facing.

You’re dizzy and it’s easy to get lost, go wandering in the wrong direction.

And, I guarantee, you will or you have.

You buy another bright, shiny object. You start a new project. You try a new idea.

You read and look for inspiration, someone to copy, someone who’ll show you the hallowed path (… the same one that doesn’t exist).

And what you are working on — the IMPORTANT, life changing stuff — get’s dropped like a stone.

You quit it, forget about it, put it on the ‘back burner’.

One year, two years, five years later you’ll come across it again and ask yourself:


“Why didn’t I just stick to the plan, follow it through to completion? Why!”

Because now you know, if you stayed true to the course. Ground it out, you’d have skills, you’d have results and you’d have KNOWN for sure if it worked.  You might even be living the dream.

Plus you’d have learned the art of getting shit done.

Getting shit finished.

Which is rule, and goal numero uno.

To remember — the goal is to keep the goal, the goal.

No matter what.

Read it again. Think about it. Take it in. And then make it your life’s purpose.

To remember — the goal is to keep the goal, the goal.


Alan’s “Back on Track” Internet Marketing

P.S. Thanks to strength coach, Dan John for those wisdoms, the guy who’s seen more people start diets and give up (… because of the latest and greatest fad) than I’ve quit projects and it’s the truer still of wantrapreneurs in business.

Anyways… if you’re a bit different, a do-er then in need of a plan then go here.

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