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the Newbie Massacre…

One day, they might talk about the Newbie Massacre.

I’d like to think it started in the late 1990s, ran into the 2000s and died out in the 2010s but truth be told, newbies will always be getting massacred.

Blown up, shot down and rinsed for every last penny their miserable, little wallets can bleed.

I can hear them bitching, moaning and screaming from their horrible little lives from where I am right now.

Man, I must sound like one bitter mutha.

Maybe I am.

But that doesn’t matter one measly cent because the Newbie Massacre is and does happen.

I’d put my left nut on it.

You see last week (… and I’m as gullible as the rest of those idiots) nearly bought a Bright Shiny Object from the Warrior Forum.  It’s a guilty little secret of mine and, shhh, sometimes they’ve ever worth it …

But recently, and this has been going on for fecking years so it’s nothing new, I realized how blatantly people create shit that will never work because it never has worked and then sell it to unsuspecting newbies.

Oh dear. Oh my.

Here’s how it work.

You check out the forum and see what bitching, whinging moaners are asking.  You look to see who’s looking for the quickest, easiest way to do X, Y and Z.  Usually make oodles of cash-money, take over the world and then sit on a Brazilian beach watching the butts go by.

I divulge.

Then you create the product that solves their problem.

Bingo bango.

Nothing wrong with that I hear you say.

You find a problem and you create a solution.

Entrepreneurship 101.


I get you.

But how about this.

What if…

What if the solution never actually worked in the first place.

What if you’ve just created a totally (… let me think of the right word) bullshit method that you’ve literally just invented (…or robbed and re-purposed with a few twists regardless) regardless of whether it does or doesn’t work.

All you got to do is make it believable enough so the newbies don’t refund.

Then all you have to do is have the cheek (… your dirty bastard you) to sell them on your backend bullshit with more intricate fabricated products and business models that just don’t work in the the real world.

Now listen.

Call me a cynical old bastard.

Don’t believe me.

But use your loaf for a minute.

If I had a method that brought home even $1000 a month I wouldn’t be teaching it.

I’d be doing it and working out how to scale it to $2000.

If I had a second method that brought home another $1000 a month, well guess what?  I’d be doing it and working out how to scale it to $2000.

I wouldn’t be teaching it.

Not unless I thought it was dead already (… ooops did I let that slip too).

Then… then…

How the fcuk is it possible that some folk are creating new products that teach you how to (… put on your best honest Joe’s car sales voice) live the internet lifestyle every week.

Literally a new product every other week.

It’s. just. not. possible.

Not for methods that really work.

The end.

Rant over.

Night boys and girls,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. So what do you do?  Well there’s about two or three real business models that work, that provide value and IMPROVE the lives of the people who buy, consume and use these businesses. Basic shit like building a business of your own, selling your own product or service and (maybe) brokering traffic which is also know as affiliate marketing.

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