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Stop Busting Your Acorns…

… simple steps to a hundred bucks a day!

Been busting my *acorns* lately…

For a whole 60 minutes per day. Yep, you heard it, busting my
balls for an entire 3,600 seconds of the day.

Tough, I know.

You see the other day I read that average ‘struggling’ marketer
probably doesn’t put a full 60 minutes work into their bizness a

They think they do, reading about the stuff that could make them
money and counting their blessings they didn’t have a site go down
in the latest algorithm update.

Seems actually ‘doing something online’ is somewhat of a strange
phenomena. Funny how so many folk fail, eh?!

For the past week I’ve been working hard for this full 60 minutes
following Nate Rivers newly released Amazon affiliate course. I
liked it so much I figured I’d actually invest the time (and money
in a new domain name) and go do it.

The general gist is you focus on the bestsellers in a specific
marketplace and spend JUST 60 minutes per day creating content.

It’s one of those courses that’s so good… because it’s so damn

Nate’s entire philosophy is that it’s better to create content for
60 minutes per day consistently and rake in $100 per day, than work
like a madman and churn out yet *another crappy affiliate site*

He’s got a point.

The content drives the traffic, and the sales start to mount up as
you let Amazon.com work it’s conversion magic.

I wouldn’t invest the time if I thought it were crap…


Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. If you buy through my link below and you need any
handholding, you’re welcome to email me and bounce ideas of me.

Over 1000 other marketers love this system too…

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  • Joe April 27, 2012, 3:47 pm

    I bought this one as I like Nate’s blog and I could probably spare 60 mins per day.

    I’ve written a few articles but haven’t found a domain yet.

    Still a bit confused about how niche to go or how broad to make the site.

    If I can get $50 days I will be very pleased.

    Are you going to sign up to his mastermind group thing?

    • Big Al April 27, 2012, 11:28 pm

      Strangely enough, I’m watching this list building webinar right now (http://www.strayblogger.com/list-building-webinar-replay/). Not familiar with his mastermind group so not sure on that one atm but I do believe groups are a great thing because they keep you focused on ONE business model and can stop everyone getting distracted so easily.

      As for choosing niches. I’ve chosen mine and with hindsight it’s a FAR too competitive niche so I think it will take time for it to gain some traction unless I plough more time into SEO and backlinking which is getting more ‘controversial’ by the minute. Google’s doing it’s THANG right now.

      How deep, well having started out choosing a domain that was product orientated I now wish that I’d gone with a name that was more ‘problem’ orientated that the product solves. If that makes sense.

      So instead of say creating a niche site around punch bags, I (personally) would create a site around punching harder and then sell readers on the idea of using a heavy bag to punch harder. Doing this means I get inside the head of the target market better, understand their objectives, motivations and desires. It makes writing a more interesting and wider variety of blog posts easier and makes plugging other products that help solve that same problem easier. While I’ll still do that with my ‘product orientated’ domain — I think there is more of a disconnect between the content, the domain and the readers REAL motivations.

      Proper ‘brain fart’ that reply 🙂

      One last thing, if I find myself struggling more and more to get traffic or sales I’m not going to ‘quit’ just use the site to experiment and test ideas to see what works. If my site was about punchbags, then build a list with a freebie on hitting harder, getting a better workout or combinations to use on the bag… then see what revenue that list brings in. Or see if I can get likes, tweets etc etc. Turn it into a bit of a playground with my 60 minutes a day.

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