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Starting from scratch…

I really shouldn’t do this…

Because some of this was from a private FB group.

One I pay to get in to.

So, it’s not really fair to share ‘paid-for’ information for free.

I think you call it stealing.


It’s a really important question for everyone.

For people starting out… it’s important so they can start FAST.

For people with existing business… well they can go arse up in an instant.

If you’re not careful. A bit like a couple of my affiliate sites did back in the good ole ‘Panda Day’.



Here’s where it starts.

1. You find out WHO you audience is. Their fear. Their pain. Their frustrations.

Why…? So you can hit it and hammer home the reason why they need to buy your recomendation.

2. You need to find them, and start to build an AUDIENCE.

Dan Kennedy had a famous phrase. It went something like ‘People are walking around with their umbilical cords in their hands looking to plug it in’.

Which is why you build an AUDIENCE. Where you’re the boss. The voice. The leader. Where people come to listen to you.

And it starts… with just one person. Then another, and another.

3. You need something to sell.

Ideally your own, but if you haven’t got one (or what to TEST to see what your AUDIENCE buys) then an affilite product will do.

Not just any, some are better… more on that, another time.

4. Then… you go ‘balls to the wall’ building your funnel, adding back-end products and building your business.

There is a ‘little bit’ more to it.

But I’m holding back because there’s a PROBLEM.

Step 4 just BLOWS people away.

Instead of cracking on with number 1 they stop, poop their pants and start worrying they don’t know what to do for their sales funnel.

Which means you do nout. Nothing.

That’s when you STOP thinking.

And start DOING.

You crack on with step 1.

Find out WHO you want to target.

And then, step 2.

Build your audience.

Then you can worry about step 3.

Then you can worry about step 4.

Now if it was me…

I’d build an email list.

They would be my audience.

They might come from Twitter or Facebook or wherever.

But they MUST end up on YOUR email list.

Where YOU can speak to them directly.

No competition. No distraction.

No crappy comments either.

Social media. That’s just a traffic source.

But you’re email list is WHERE the sexy stuff happens.

It’s where you get paid.

And EVERYONE has an email address.

Now… if you don’t know how to FIND a niche, your audience (like here).

And… if you don’t know how to build a list check this.

It’s that simple.

Can I guarantee success? Of course not.

But ‘Motion beats meditation‘ and a bad plan executed today will always work better than a perfect plan executed next week.

Do the work.

Start now.

And you’ll have RESULTS!


There will be NO MORE GUESSWORK.

Because you will KNOW what your AUDIENCE likes and what they BUY.

Starting from scratch isn’t so hard.

It’s just the getting started that’s hard.

Have a wicked weekend,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. More tomorrow, on my favourite affiliate programmes me-thinks.

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