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#3 So… you balls’ed up and got it wrong, now what?!


Over the years – the wasted months and years — I’ve balls’ed up more times than I can count on my fingers and toes.

Worst still, I’ve procrastinated more than I’ve balls’ed up.

Instead of running with an idea, I’d think about an idea.  I’d hem and I’d haw researching markets, defining niches and looking for ways I could do something different.

And while that’s all important — super important — fu*k me did I waste some time.

Definitely hours, days and months.

Nod your head if that sounds familiar?

Now here’s the dealio…

Sh*t happens.

We all mess up.

And it’s ok to suck.

It’s something I tell my clients EVERY day.

I tell them it’s ok to have a bad day, bad hour, bad week!.  I’d tell them, not to worry, to chillax, take the pressure off and to take it easy.  I tell them to enjoy their training — that’s my day job if you wondered — because the most important thing is that they’re doing something, that they’re still moving forward.

Now take this blog (and don’t forget to join my list by the way)…

It wasn’t always like this  (in fact it used to look nicer).

And it won’t always be like this.

As results come in, as I define my market and find out more about the people on my list.

As I find out more about what I enjoy doing, and what I hate doing.

My blog, my writing, my list and my products will change.

But I can only do this, I can only work this out by getting results.

Which means doing sh*t.

Right now I could spend dozens of hours on making my blog sexier.  Making it look better and slowing it down with bells and whistles to satisfy the millions of people who don’t visit my blog (at the last count I think I had 4 visitors in a month)!

But you know what?

I’d rather create content, I’d rather practise my writing and I’d rather throw this mud at the (virtual) wall and see what sticks.

Right now, I — like you — are in a no lose situation.

I’m not playing around with a bazillion dollar business.

I have no real reputation on the tinternet.

I have nothing to lose!

I’m just trying to add a zero to my monthly.

Then when I got me some results, I find out how to refine, re-define and add another zero, and another and another.

So here’s the take-away:.

The biggest take-away I can muster up.

If you want to build a list, if you want to create products and you want to become a super-profitable email marketer then guess what?  You gotta learn to write.

You gotta start DOING something.

Look at the category this blog post is in…

Is it — “Learning to Write” — perhaps?

Well guess what.  I am.  And I always will be.

I’m learning to write and maybe, just maybe I’m learning how I can create an audience, build my list and turn these words into some serious dough.

We’ll see.

It’s time to work on ma squeeze page.


Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Last word(s) — join my list, spy on my learnings and — above all — just get off your fat arse and do something because money ain’t gonna magic itself into your pocket mate!

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