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Show some cleavage, never a nipple in your marketing

Hey listen,

Content marketing is all the rage right now.

And it’s going to be for some time.

It’s a great way to get your name out there, get noticed and build a hungry tribe ready for your next sentence.

But only if you do it right.

Because if you’re not careful you’ll give away your best stuff for free and leave yourself with nothing to sell.

Worse still, you’ll give away the best stuff and then when someone does buy your product, they’ll be disappointed because you’ve told ’em everything already and they’ll ask for a refund.

Don’t fall into that trap.

Even if the big dawgs with their hoards of staff writers do.

So whaddaya do?

Back in the day, Jimmy D.  Brown – who’s still about just  a little quieter – came out with the phrase “useful but incomplete”.


You write an email…

Create a blog post…

Knock up some lead magnets…

You make it useful but incomplete information.

It was his way of saying, don’t give away the farm.

Tempt, tease and – show a little cleavage – but not the nipple and definitely nothing more.

You want to warm your list up, get them hungry for more but remember don’t give away the farm.

And anyway, people don’t value the stuff they don’t pay for.

The opposite is true, the more you charge the higher the value people put on it.

Have you read the Gary Halbert Letter? It’s awesome.


My point exactly, it’s free. Most folk’d rather pay for some dog shit in a can, bright-shiny-object.

But not you, right? Please.

You want to warm your list up, tease them, get them hungry  and have them begging for more of  what YOU got to say. I didn’t put YOU in capitals for no reason – think about that, it’s important.

Rich Schefren was 1,000,000 per cent right when he said “The biggest problem you have is creating enough content for your audience” – or words to that effect.

Very fecking true.


At this point in time I should sell you something that teaches you how to create useful but incomplete emails, blog posts and what-nots.

But guess what?

I’d rather share something that teaches you how to SELL in any scenario.

It’s in the P.S. part.

Have a great Sunday!

Big Al

P.S. Did you know 81% of Americans get the Sunday night blues before work on a Monday. The solution, learn to sell!

Learn to sell better with all your words.

Learn to sell better in your emails, and write kick ass auto-responders

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