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#1 Shit I (re) Learned Today…

Today I ballsed up big time.

Actually it wasn’t just today, it’s been for the past few months and maybe even years.

Here’s what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been overcomplicating the fu*k out of everything.

From relationships through to my work online.

You see…

Instead of just focusing on the basics, like building a list, creating products, learning to follow up AND – the almighty important – being consistent

I’ve arsed around.

Thought, pondered and wondered…

What can I do?

What will make me rich?

And …

How little can I work as little as possible?

Alan you lazy fool.

What a big, phat mistake-a to make-a, right?

When all I should have been working on is, what’s working

Creating sh*t – which I should really call value – then learning to sell it.

And that my lonely reader is it…

The magic secret.  Or, rather, the missing link between achieving something and achieving nothing.

— end of rant —

A short kick up the arse post.

A reminder to you all, and more important, to me, that it’s all about taking care of the basics.

It’s about finding a market, defining your niche and building your customer avatar.

It’s about building a list, then learning to sell.

Before following up, then following up and, guess what, following up.

Then repeating it all over again.

Simple shit that – surprise, surprise – works.

Right, todays little blog post done.

Where do you go to find out more of the obvious?

You join my list.

And yep , this information – and I’ve not ashamed to say it – is fu*king boring because it works.

You won’t be hearing fireworks as you download my products.

And you won’t be eating hog roast every night of the week either.

But you might actually start seeing results.

So before I start to sound like my Dad too much…

No one really wants to tell you what works because it’s about as boring a work.

The only difference being…

You don’t gotta a bosses ass to be kissin’ every day.

How’s about those coconuts?

See you around petal,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Join my list for more boring sh*t that might actually get you somewhere


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