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Secret Millionaire James Malinchak Scraps the ABC’s of Making Money

My friend just came back from Washington where he was on a marketing conference.

One of the speakers was James Malinchak, a motivational speaker who featured on the Secret Millionaire.

My buddy was telling me how the first thing James did when getting his spot on the secret millionaire was to hire an attorney.

So he could negotiate useage of the clips, what he would wear and how he would appear.


‘cos his alphabet goes A… B… M…

He ‘Always be marketing’ and that was his advice to the entrepreneurs he was chatting to that day.

No doubt he’s right, if you do it right.

Don’t be sleezy, don’t be pushy, learn to listen and to sell (not just pitch a product).

Get your name out there, get people searching for your site, build your reputation and you can build that bank balance.

Always be marketing…

Have a good week!

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Need something to ‘always be marketing’?

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