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Read this or die…

The notes on my iPhone is an unusual collection of headlines, random thoughts and musings I’ve picked up listening to podcasts in the car.

“Read this or die” – was a famous headline written by Jim Rutz.

Jim Rutz was a copywriter who sadly passed away a couple of years ago.

A few years back I was looking to learn more about email marketing.

I scoured the Warrior Forum, listen to the ‘ex-spurts’ and thought I knew a thing or too…

Then one day the penny dropped.

If you’re going to learn about writing good emails, why not check out the guys who are paid to write emails – obvious, eh – it wasn’t at the time and so I started to follow copywriters instead of sleezy internet marketers like me (I’m serious, bro).

So a typical day right now includes:

  • Learning more about copywriting, and…
  • Adding notes on a daily basis to my iPhone.

One of the most moving ‘notes’ isn’t actually from a copywriter, it’s from Albert Einstein who – hours before his death – had doctors proposing NEW, unproven surgery to extend his life.

His words “I’ve have done my share, it is time to go. I will do it elegantly”

Moving, huh?

Now I’m a morbid fucker.

And I think about death a lot.

And one of the things that bugs me, bugs me to death (yup, it actually might) is not doing everything – I mean EVERYTHING – to live a life of ‘significance’.

‘Significance’ because what’s significant and important to me is different to what’s significant to you.

But I bet my last piece of Victoria Sandwich, they’re not a million miles apart…

And involve more time and more £$£

Am I right, or am I right?

Anyway, going to wrap up this quick…

If you’re looking to live a life of significance, want to meet your maker with a smile on your face, ready for the long sleep after a lifetime of doing EVERYTHING you wanted to do, leaving the world a better place … and leaving a legacy for your familia …

Then you really, really need to master a skill.

Master a skill, then get it out there, in the real world bringing home some bacon.

A skill that pays big bucks, builds businesses and can leverage your time to the max.

What kinda skill?

How ‘bout traffic, sales funnels, copyriting for a start.

Every business needs them – including the one you’re starting online – because they increase sales.

It’s 23:43 – it’s time for me to work on some shit,

Now go…

Learn a skill and build a business you love!

Stay awesome!

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. You know what, I was going to ‘apologise’ for the morbid feel but guess what … you are going to die one day and you only get one roll of the dice, man-up, deal with it and quit fucking around.

Wanna learn copywriting?

Wanna learn how to write better emails?

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