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#2 The problem with writing….

The problem with writing is simple…

As soon as you got to do it, you go limp.

Must be the pressure, eh?

There’s something about forcing yourself to ‘work’ that ruins your flow, steals your mojo and sends any sense of creativity a l-o-n-g long way away.

Not sure what it is.

But anyways…

Why do I write this?

How can it help you?

And will it help you make more dough?

— one second, my microwave just went ‘ping’ —


I’m writing this because I believe it will help the wannabe internet marketing entrepreneur more moolah.

Is that you?

I’m writing it because I know there’s value here.

I’m writing it because roughly 10 minutes, despite having a million and one ideas on what to write today during the day, I sat at my computer and went blank.

And then I remembered a little tip I read the other day.

It went…

“Delete your first paragraph, and your last paragraph.”

And the guy who said it was James Altucher – if you fancy a little stalking.

So today, with my brain gone blank I started to write.

I had no idea what I was going to write about, I was just going to write.

And I knew it didn’t matter what my first paragraph said because I was (or I am) going to delete it.

So there you have it.

For you bloggers. For you email marketers. For you product creators.

Just get on your arse (I’m ass-uming you do your writing sitting down) and start writing.

Then go with the flow and delete that first, and last miserable and disgusting paragraph. Your work will still be the same, maybe even better.

Plus you won’t  waste a single moment procrastinating, making coffee and eating cereal wondering about what to write.

That be it.

Just do it.

Love ya,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

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Mwah x

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