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About 2 weeks back I stumbled across one of the most depressing articles, a married man with kids can read…

I was “stalking” a super-duper entrepreneur who managed to create a million-dollah a year business pretty all on his own (i.e. with ZERO employees).

He sold the business because he realized he’d need to have staff to scale it further, and do all that non-secksy stuff like fulfilment, customer service, dealing with orders… you get the idea.

The reason I was stalking him, is the dude has sick copywriting skills and ran his own business (he didn’t whore his copywriting services out). He was the MAIN man. The guy in control. With no one else to answer to. No employed-donuts calling in sick or going on holiday (the f’ing cheek). And I like that a lot. I have 2 kids already and the thought of looking after adult-kids working for me is my 2nd worse nightmare…

Anyways, Mr. Goff pretty much said (and I’m paraphrasing), if you’re married with kids then you got a big-phat ZERO chance of changing your career and succeeding… he could’ve hit me in the face with a shovel, that’s how much it hurt.

But then sometimes that’s exactly what ‘one’ needs. A smack in the face. To get angry. So you can go prove some phucker wrong… grrrrr.

Stroll in the “Chicken Entrepreneur”

Because it’s the BEST way to get started (go ask Mark Ford if you don’t believe me).

In an eggshell, you’re a Chicken ‘cos you don’t have the balls to quit your job – which is actually a wise move young jedi.

And an entrepreneur, with the hunger to do level 11 sh1t when everyone else is happy at 5 (tops), crawling through life fo’the’man and keeping their fingers crossed they can retire. that’ not me. And I’m hoping not you.

They’re the perfect kinda business to squeeze into a busy life, around a job, around a family and into an hour or two (… if you’re lucky per day).

But it takes DISCIPLINE and BRASS balls.

The kinda discipline where you chunk out serious amounts of time (ideally daily) and commit to it (ideally daily).

And it takes brass balls, because sometimes you’re going to get sh1t wrong. Sometimes you’re going to make bad decisions (i.e. pick the wrong niche, create the wrong product or fall flat on your face and fail). That’s entrepreneurial-life.

Just remember, failure can’t cope with persistence.

All it takes is making a decision on the direction you’re traveling… and then to get moving.

If you’re looking for inspiration (and something simple) this little clip will take less than 2-minutes of your time.

Then get moving,

Alan Soya

P.S. Have a peak, see what you think.


The best hack I know…

If you’re into ‘dirty’ words…

“Hack” is definitely up there.

Sure, we all love a “hack”, or the idea of a hack.

A short-cut.

The chance, to do something that ‘normally’ takes time, quicker and easier. It’s something to give us a leg-up, an advantage and get one step ahead of the pack (… those mo’phuckers).

But, really… a hack?

Really you should be washing your mouth out with soap, and considering signing up for a lobotomy if you’re buying into that filth….

It’s a dirty word.

Dangerous too.

Because (… if you be hanging out on certain forums, where everybody wants to get rich without working) hacks tend to come in the guise of:

This works, even if you have:

– No list..
– No product..
– No JV partners…
– No god-damn internet connection or even a laptop…

… NO problem, because even a bum on the streets can make this ninja system work in just 20 minutes a day… blah-de-blah-blah


Well, what a load of horseshite (and I speak from experience as someone who fell for that bollox many a time… wTF?!)

So to get you back on the straight and narrow, with the only ‘real’ hack I genuinely believe in… is this bad boy HERE (click that link fool)

Read it, bookmark it then report back!


Alan “Le hacker” Soya

P.S. in the investment world (… where there’s an equal amount of horseshit floating around) there’s a GREAT saying that goes a little something like this:

“The best time to start investing was 20 years ago. The second best time is now”.

With this hack i’ve just shared (you did click that link right?) the best time to follow it was 20 years ago. The second best time is NOW.

Scroll back up, click the link and give it the 3 minutes of your time it deserves. Then come back and tell me what you think…

Nighty, night x


Brushing your teeth…

Eating breakfast…

Kissing your wife goodbye before you jump in the car…

“This is your life, and it’s ending one minute at a time” – Fight Club

When it comes to this Internet Marketing ‘thang’ it’s not your life that’s disappearing one minute at a time… it’s your freedom.

It’s your ability to take control of your days…

Go on holidays when YOU want to go on holidays…

To check your bank balance and see a number without a MINUS…

And everyday you spend arsing around, phaffing, procrastinating and doing nothing, your future and your freedom is delayed, set back or maybe even reduced to a mere dream.

“If it’s important, do it everyday”

What does that mean to a mo’fo like you or I, arsing about on the interwebz?

It means:

1. Building your list
2. Emailing your list
3. Creating (or finding) new offers to send to your list

And that, be it.

Three things, three thangs you should be doing everyday (in my humble, but correct opinion) but are so simple, so obvious that — for some crazy reason — people just won’t do them. They rather buy the Bazilion Bucks an Hour System for $9.97 on the world’s most dangerous forum.

I got angry there…

Let me take a breath and get back on track…

Now the cool thing about this simple 3-step system, is you can CHUNK it.

Spend 30 minutes driving traffic, 30 minutes writing an email and 30 minutes working on your next offer. You’re building a real business in just 90 minutes per day — that’s rid-onculus — try doing that in the offline world.

Or if you got more time, spend 3 hours a day doing it.

However you’ll only do this…



If… changing your life is important to you.

Otherwise — if you’d rather make Mr. Zucker-wot-sit rich — you can spend your time on Social Media and watch your life slip away; one minute at a time.

It’s up-a to you-a.

So with a little pat on the backside…

I’ve told you what to do; what are you waiting for…

Off you go and do some works!

Alan’s “Getting Soft and Giving a Sh.t” Internet Marketing

P.S. You are the master of your destiny; you are the one who can make a decision, create a plan… do the WORK and profit from the results. It’s down to YOU and having the discipline to dis-connect from the digital distractions and crack on.

Now off… you… go!

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