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There’s one book on my shelves that needs annual reading.

It’s “No B.S. Time Management for Entrepreneurs” by Dan Kennedy who really is a legend.

Most folk have heard of him because most folk have heard other people talk and reference him. So most folk know he’s the real deal. But, I don’t think most folk truly understand the influence this guy has had on this entire world.

It feels like all roads lead back to Dan Kennedy. It’s amazing. The other day I was listening a chap called Justin Goff who was running a 1-2 million a year business on his own at (I think) 31 and has just cashed out of a 23-ish million a year business. He recommended a book by Dan Kennedy for anyone interested in backend marketing (comment and I’ll let you know which one it is).

Back to Dan’s Time Management book.

It exactly what it says on the tin…

Kickbutt and Take No Prisoners Guide to Time Productivity and Sanity.

One of the most memorable take-aways (after his rant about time vampires) is how Dan K went about his divorce.

It has to be one of the most emotionally driven, painful and expensive events that can happen in a lifetime. I can’t imagine.

And while going through a particularly stressful divorce (get the book so you can read it for yourself) someone asks Dan how he’s still able to function at such a high-level, with all the plates he’s spinning so easily.

Now for most humans, we’ve only got limited bandwidth. A job, a family, a hobby… that’s it… fresh outta bandwidth. Add in a side-hustle and it’s really, Really hard (which is why you need to focus on ONE thing at a time).

Dan’s answer to this limited bandwidth is his ability to segment his life and put “tasks” into blocks.

To get to the point, Dan literally scheduled in time to “worry” about his divorce. To be thinking about it 24/7 would take up all his bandwidth, start to distract him from everything he was doing and… not really help.

Better have a dedicated hour or so to worry and work on it than have it grind away in the background like white-noise 24 hours a day.

Like I said. You only have limited bandwidth.

And if you’re thinking of building your own business 24 hours a day that WILL interfere with your real job (which is what pays the bills right now, right?). Don’t let it screw with that. And it will interfere with your social life. Your family. Your friends. And if you’re married with kids, all the time you spend “with” them will really be spent in your head, thinking about your side hustle.

That’s not living. And that’s not productive either.

Your side hustle has to be like Dan’s divorce.

You have to schedule your “divorce” into blocks during the week. Ideally daily and for that block of time, you got to go “balls to the wall” pure focus. All doing, no learning and GSD (get shit done).

If it’s 5am every day or 1am every night. It doesn’t matter, what does matter is you GSD every day.

The only way to do that is to schedule it. Diarize it, if that’s a word, and work with zero distractions and pure focus. As though someone was standing there holding a gun to your head if you so much as thought about checking Facebook.

If time’s not on your side and you’re struggling to GSD then you need to think about simplifying things. Like boiling your side-hustle down to the minimum number of moving parts so you can get the biggest bang for your buck.

This might help.

See ya,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. There’s a saying “The routine will set you free” and I 100% believe it. Even better, the discipline to have a routine like this one will set you free, faster.


Roughly 10 years back I was introduced to an up-and-coming fighter…

He was a rookie at the time, not even a rookie to be honest, he was just starting out. Didn’t really have much desire to fight. But one thing led to another and before he knew it, he was fighting.

Anyway, this rookie wasn’t particularly great technically, not particularly smart or good looking either (not that that matters to a fighter!) and smoked like a chimney. oh yeah, and was a ripe-old 25 when he decided to lace up his gloves for the first time too.

On paper, the rookie should have just been a hobbyist.

But what this rookie had in abundance was resilience. He was hard as nails… no, harder than nails. Tougher than old-boots and, if you told him he had to live on broccoli and chicken, train 3 times a day and do that for 8-weeks straight. He’d do it. He’d be miserable as sin, whinge and moan, but he’d do it. Ask him to walk through walls to make weight, and he’d do it.

He was the toughest person I knew.

Unfortunately, said person was as dumb as he was tough.

And you know how Zombies haven’t quite managed to open doors yet? Well, if you ever meet and upset this fighter… just run and put a door between you. He’ll be face flat against the door wondering how you escaped.

(Meow – what a bitch I’ve become!)

Long story short, this rookie went on to fight in 4 continents and win 3, could be 4 world titles. Who’s having the last laugh now?!


But he’s still dumb.

And ironically, that dumbness is secret to his success.

His weakness was his strength, and his strength, his weakness. They’re the same thing.

It’s probably true of you too. I bet your strength’s and weaknesses are the opposite sides of the coin. What sets you apart, holds you back.

If your gung-ho and run blindly into situations, then some days I bet you run blindly into wars.

If you like to think things through, know the detail I bet you see the problems on the horizon… and destroyed by paralysis through analysis.

Now the thing is, should you work on your weaknesses. Eliminate them. Eradicate them. Turn them into Dodo dust?

I don’t think so. In fact, I know you shouldn’t.

Instead, you should work on your strengths. Focus on your strengths, turn them into your super-power. Accept your weakness and while you might be able to ‘temper’ them a little…. chances are they’ll always be there.

And that’s where you phone a friend… call for help and maybe outsource a little of your work.

Maybe you hire a techie guy to build your website, a designer to fluff up your PDF reports. A traffic guy to drive hoards of drooling new visitors to your website. Or a copywriter to improve your conversions and turn those valuable visitors into gold.

Focus on your strengths. Outsource your weaknesses.

I’ve over-ran. Reached too far. Written too much.

At least for tonight.

But think about that. Think about your strengths. Think about your weaknesses…

Are they the same?

And are you (… I f’ing bet you are) better spending your time on making your strenghts great or kiddin’ yourself and hoping you’ll make your weaknesses as good as your strengths.

IMHO that ain’t happening sweet-cheeks.


Alan “What’s my name tonight” Dermot

P.S. It’s hard starting and growing a business from scratch. Often you do have to do everything… grow the vegetables, pick the vegetables, clean the vegetables and cook the god-damn vegetables… which is when a great resource and solid mentor is worth its weight in gold.


If your boss (figuratively) decided to bend you over and shaft you tomorrow… what would you do about it?

If he (or she, that bitch) sacked you… harassed you… bullied you… just made life so-unpleasant you couldn’t go back…

What would you do?

Could you walk-away and still, pay your bills, pay your mortgage, buy food, get medical treatment… and what about your resume (or CV). What would you say to prospective employers about WHY you left? Would they believe you, question you, doubt the abuse you just went through?

Not sure.

Dan Kennedy, who’s a legend and let’s leave it at that (humor me and go with it because I’m right) said the worst number in business is 1.

1 income source.
1 employee.
1 traffic source.
1 product.
1 email list.
1 skill.

He’s 100% on the money.

Because (and shit does hit the fan now, and then) if that 1 source of whatever happens… then you my friend are fcuked.

Sunk. Gone. Finished. Over.

Getting back on your feet, of course, it’s possible, but first, you gotta get your breath back and onto your knees.

My point really is this…

If you rely on your boss. If you rely on that ONE job. That one income source and one potential retirement nest egg and it lets you down… don’t come crying to me. Because you were warned.

And even if you love your job. Love your boss. And life is smelling of roses, shit could one day come rolling your way (and it generally rolls one way, downhill, from the top down to you).

The boss could change, get divorced, sell the business or just die. The job could change. The world could change, Artificial Intelligence could render you useless… you get the idea.

Bad things happen. Try asking the nice people who worked at the banks that crashed and burned. Banks don’t go under, right?

Now the hardest part to getting started, with something worth starting. I mean picking a niche and deciding on a business model. But if I were you (and, it’s your DECISION at the end of the day) I’d go build a list and start emailing it. Start building a relationship, start building a following, start helping people out for REAL with your information…

Then start selling them something that will improve their situation too. You’re not selling them “your shit”, your selling them EXACTLY what they need to solve their problem. It’s a service, and your duty to sell them it (providing it genuinely helps).

E’nuff for tonight

I’m off to bed.

So I while I go brush my teeth, you might want to wander over this way and have a look at what my non-buddy Ben Settle says you should do.


Alan Soya