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One hundred dollah daze…

I’ve been out the loop and not been emailing
my lists for a while.

The reason is that I’m now a dad. It’s wicked, love it!

But not emailing is a big fat marketing mistake.

Oh well, life goes on right?

So I figured I’d try to wake up the few still remaining here
with stories of how I made my first one hundred daze.


Are you sitting comfortably?




I sold my own cheap-assed product and then sold a more expensive –
but related – affiliate product on the download page.

My commissions were only 50 – 100 bucks, not much, and the intial product less than a tenner.

Not huge commissions but you only need one or two sales to make that hundred bucks.

Job done, Bob’s your uncle and Fanny’s your aunt.


That is it, in its entirety.

It is that simple.

There was nothing else going on. No voodoo magic.

The hardest part was getting it done!


So all you gotta do is get a product, set up your funnel and start selling.

Then add a related (important) and reputable affiliate
product on the thank you or download page.


Of course I can’t guarantee your success and p-p-please…

Don’t look into this or make it harder than it is.

The clever folk will crack on and do it.

The dumber ones (and that was me for a while) will over-analyse
and bust a gut trying to work out the secret algorithm…

Whatever. It is, what it is. Nothing more.

You could do it today.

You just need a product.

Either create it, or pick up some PLR.

Then start driving traffic.

This is my stuff, and if you buy any you’ll see the process in action.

Solo Ad Secrets PLR

Product Creation PLR

29 Emails for Internet Marketers PLR

Any questions? Hit reply, I’m slow but I’m serious.

Chat soon?

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. I just seen a product showing how you can “bank easy
with affiliate commissions in 2014” whatever…

Forget about that, just do this.

Product > Thank You Page > Affiliate Commissions

Over ‘n out!




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