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On Getting Shit Done and Achieving Goals

Here’s a revelation for you.

I have a day job.

I’m no guru.

I don’t make six, seven or even eight figures.

And while I live in cool, costal town — it certainly isn’t Marbella.

Which is good and bad.

First, it means you and me got the same set of resources.  Namely, sweet F.A.  That stands for fu*k all.  We don’t have staff, we don’t have a team of researches and we don’t employ a single V.A. in the Philippines.

Second, we don’t have enough time and we don’t have enough money to plough into testing and making mistakes.

It’s very, very hard for us.

What we have is pain and a HUNGER to  make a lot more of our lives.  Like, not having to worry about money, paying for holidays, taking time off and sick kids who need you to stay at home for the day.

All we got is desire, a laptop and — if you’re lucky — a little home office.

And a lot of sh*t to do.

So how do you get shit done to achieve those lofty goals you’ve bee sold…?

Well first off, let me share something.

Today I looked after my daughter while the missus wenta shopping for all things evil (a.k.a. Christmas presents).  Then she got home and I went and did some sprints down the local park.  I’d been thinking about how I could get out of the all day.

It was pitch black, wet and a little bit chilly. I really didn’t wan to go but I donned my tracksuit and went.

It wasn’t much fun to be honest and my legs hurt already BUT I’m very glad I did them.


‘Cos I like to feel fit.

Each and every week I train.

And most days — since I work in a gym — I can subtly jump in with a few clients and squeeze in a little bit of training here and there.

I’m lucky that way.

Now get this.

This is UBER Important

My goal to eat healthy, to train regularly and walk around in good shape most of the time isn’t a goal that’s written down.

It’s not even one of my true goals, like making cash-money on the interwebz.

It isn’t in my diary (although I do keep training notes).

Here’s where it is…

It’s at the front of my fu*king mind all day, everyday.

Training is a part of my life, it’s something I’m always thinking about, reading about and trying to do more of.  It is at the forefront of my mind.  I see myself in the mirror and wonder if I can change how I look (yeah I’m a vain muthasucker), I pick my daughter up from the floor and appreciate how training in the gym helps me to it safely and easily.

What got me out the door today, what gets me training each and every week, and the reason I’m fitter and stronger today than I was in my teenage years (well almost) is training is at the front of my mind.  I think about it all the time.

And there’s your lesson.

Write your goal down.  Don’t write your goal down. I don’t really care because all that really matters is that you think about whatever it is you want to achieve every minute of every day until you achieve it.  You don’t forget, it doesn’t slip your mind and, sure, you can consciously give your brain a little time off (say, at the weekends) but for the most part… you’re obsessed with completion and seeing it happen.

Sooner, rather than later.

That’s me done.

So there you have it.

Have a blood good Christmas!

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Listen, one last thing.  Yeah I do write down my goals and yes, I do make to-do lists and plan my week ahead of time.  It’s something I’m starting to do more off — not less of — because I’m like the worlds best procrastinator — BUT like my training, my other goals in life are now firmly rooted at the front of my mind.

That’s where they will stay, until I get them done.

P.P.S. If you’re the kinda person who needs to hear it harsh and unkind then you might want to read this post on getting more sh*t done come 2015.

Over ‘n out folk.

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