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NEWSFLASH :: Free SEO Tips, How to Get 100% Unique Content for Your Blog AND How to Make 100K This Month : )

Cool free stuff on SEO and Getting Free Content for your Blog

Ok just been checking my emails and got sent two crackin’ links.

First up is Chad Kimball going all out to answer any questions on SEO you can fire at him… all for free!

Just click on this link HERE and start your reading!

There’s some really cool information there on domain names, backlinks and what to do if your site gets de-indexed by the big-G.

Cool stuff!

Second is a wicked bad post by young entrepreneur James Penn from the UK. He’s about 60 minutes drive from me and just revealed his 100% legit strategy for getting unique content for your blog!

There’s only one thing better than good content and that’s brand NEW good content.

This is a super-cool easy method to use, check it out.  Read it on James Penn’s Blog

Finally, don’t forget internet legend Willie Crawford is going to show how to make 100K in January

No joke, no theory, he’s actually going to make 100K and if you’re a doubter.

Click HERE to watch the Daddy make 100K in January

[NOTE: Did you know Willie Crawford has over 1 million people on his list?!]

Anyway… hope you enjoy the content, the other stuff in my inbox was all fluff so maybe this saved you some time!

Take care,

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Willie’s case study goes up to $197 after 30 days so I’d grab it now while it’s c-h-e-a-p!  Click HERE to read it!


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