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Naughty, naughty, naughty Aweber

My daughter has recently got into dancing.

She’s only 3 years and they learn “good toes” and “bad toes”.

Good toes are pointy. Bad toes are the opposite.

So the kids do bad toes and say…

“Naughty, naughty, naughty toes!”

It’s pretty cute. I think you have to be a parent to get it.


I currently use Aweber for all my lists (including an offline business I work in).

I’m also part of a cool Facebook group run by Mike Samuels called “The Business of Words”.

It’s free, go check it out.

Mike recently offered to share the emails for the affiliate launch of a fitness business he partners in.

He asked everyone in the group to write their email address in the comments section, he’d add them to an Aweber group and then share the emails with us all.

Muggins here (… that’s me) didn’t get any of the emails.

I didn’t want to kick up a stink and was grateful he was willing to show behind the scenes of a live-launch.

So being the polite English-man I am, I said nothing.

Turns out I should have, because a lot of other people did comment and guess what?

Aweber’s deliverability sucked balls. They didn’t get the emails either.

That’s a scary thing. Especially if you’re an email marketer (I’d argue it’s even scarier for Aweber).

Sending thousands of emails and not realizing that a serious percentage of them aren’t ever going to get there.

Ouchy-bouchy (… or so my daughter says).

The alternatives discussed were:

– Active Campaign
– Drip
– Covert Kit

They all got good comments, some more expensive and more complicated (if you need complicated) than others.

I’ve not looked into any of them yet (so I can’t really offer a great review if I’m honest).

But… BUT…

I did come across an ad on FB for a free account with DRIP where you also get access to an Email Mastery course when you sign up for the account.

You don’t pay a cent for the first 100 subscribers, so I’m going to check out Drip with my blog and check out the Email Mastery course too. Andre Chaperon recommended Drip in the past and having just logged in, I already think the opt-in boxes look better and are easier to design.

If you fancied having a look (and this is an affiliate link if you decide to go full-bore with Drip) then click here.

And if you don’t fancy having a look. Seriously, look into your deliverability because it might well be shocking.


Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Logged onto the Warrior Forum last night for probably the first time in 2 years. Maybe more. Wow, the forum looks different but not much has changed…

“Should I be using single or double-opt in”

Oh well, we all start somewhere 😉

>> Check out Drip here

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