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My Free Affiliate Marketing Mentor [… and he doesn’t know about it]

It’s been an interesting month.

I’ve found a mentor.  The funny thing is he (or she) doesn’t know it.

Doesn’t realize what a monumental effect they’ve had on my business.  And if you’re a relative newbie then simply going from zero to a sale a week is nothing short of a monumental change.

It started when I picked this up >> The Guru Illusion << by Alex Jeffries.  I’ve known about Alex for years but he’s what we’d call a bit of boy and a naughty looking one at that.  But after bumping into a guy at a networking event who rated him I figured I’d find out a wee bit more.

And if you’re wondering, Alex ain’t my mentor.  Although I might invest in his help one day in the future.

The biggest take-away by far was what Alex said about managing businesses.  It went something like this…

  • If you got 1 business/project then you got a 95% chance of success
  • If you got 2 then that drops to 75% or thereabouts
  • If you got 3 then you’re taking about 50%

It hit a nerve because for years I’ve been managing multiple projects or businesses.  Unless you’re a Tellman Knudson (who genuinely suffers from ADHD) and have the skills to focus your lack of focus…

Then you might as well flip a coin because that’s how likely you are to succeed.

Big takeaway >> focus on one thing and one thing only.

Back to this free affiliate marketing mentor I’ve been talking about.

For a long time I’ve followed this super-affiliate.  He’s pretty modest, very underground and only releases the occasional product.  Tell the truth the products are for one reason and one reason only — to build his list so he can email affiliate offers.

On the outside, it’s simple shi*

Build a list and hit them with offers.  Pretty much a pure pitch selling something, day in, day out.

And while everyone looking to make monies on the interwebz slates that approach to email marketing.  Shouts out (and even post on forums) that they hate that approach to marketing.  That there is no value, no relationship and they hate it…

… someone out there is buying.

Actually lots of people out there are buying because otherwise this super-affiliate wouldn’t have a 100K plus list.  He just wouldn’t have the money and the leverage to do build it.

Bottom line.  It works.  So why not follow the money?

So all I’m doing is following this guy.  Buying the products he puts out.  Following the advice inside and connecting the dots by seeing how he does what he teaches.  Straight up, 100% legit, he teaches what he does.

But in this cynical, lazy world no one appreciates that and no one takes action.

Their bad, my profits.

And all I got to do is follow this guy.  Buy his low ticket products (because he uses them to build his list, they’re always super-cheap) and read his forum posts.

Unknown to everyone, he’s revealing his secrets.


Moral of the post?

Pick a project.  Pick someone to follow and model.

Then do it.

Leave the others, the nay sayers and the cynics in the dust.

Go where the money is then go forth and prosper.

Then pass the word on.  Fingers crossed someone reads this blog post and decides to take action 🙂

P.S.  If you’re reading this Mr Super Affiliate, thanks, you know who you are 🙂

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