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List Building: Should I Use a Blog or a Squeeze Page?

That’s a common question and common thread cropping up on forums.

From my experience in several niches blogs are notoriously bad at converting visitors to subscribers, at least compared with ye olde squeeze page.

Blog or Squeeze Page: I’ll show you some real results…

  • My internet marketing blog gets a meagre 4.7% conversion of visitors to subscribers.
  • My squeeze page on the other hand gets 56.2%!
  • My martial arts blog gets 1.1%…
  • While my martial arts squeeze page gets 16.7%.

For a long time I was thinking about changing my martial arts squeeze page to a blog but what I’ve just learned is the blog gets more traffic, but the squeeze page gets better conversions.  And it’s a s**t squeeze page with nothing other than a headline and picture.  With a few bullets, bit of trust building information and bit more effort it could do a whole lot better.

Better get my finger out

Whoah! So what’s better, a squeeze page or a blog?! I’ll let you decide : )

Banner ad blindness and our ever shortening attention spans.

We’re so familiar with banners ads and the gazillions of websites out there we’re searching faster and clicking links quicker than ever.  If you even stay on a website for a couple of minutes, well that’s a lifetime as far as the interwebz goes.

That doesn’t mean you can’t do stuff to get more subscribers from your blog though!

Five Ways to Increase Your Blog Subscriber Conversions

1. Streamline your links

Reduce the links on your sidebar and navigation to all but your sexiest content, your best stuff that builds trust and people will like. Check your analytics, visitors and time on site to find out which page is the best…

… then use it as a way to pre-sell yourself and entice folk to join your list.

It’s one of the reasons I added the newbie ‘”Start HERE” page to this blog.  To provide content and entice readers to join my list.

2. Add sign-up to the bottom of your posts

When someone gets to the end of your blog post they need to go somewhere, sell them on giving you their email address in return for a freebie.

It’s a great place to add sign-up forms and a good reason for you to improve the quality of your content.  This is something I’m working on and may invest in Profits Magnet to use but haven’t yet decided.  Pat Flynn recently released a plugin that has some cool looking skins that do the same job over at www.SmartPassiveIncome.com

3. Use Action Pop-Up and Action Comment…

Think they’re created by Robert Plank. Action pop-up is exactly that, a pop-up asking for their email address. It’s one of the best on the market.

Combine it with Action Comment which is essentially a tick-box asking for anyone who comments if they want to be automatically added to your list… cool tools.

Only downside is I know I automatically close most pop-up windows without even reading them.

4. Dare to be different (… this is cool)

Modern browsers all have pop-up blockers and you’ll be familiar with the ‘bleep’ sound showing you something has been blocked. What do you do… have a look at the top of your browser window and see what’s been blocked.

What you can do is use that split second where you’ve got someone’s attention and take action. There is a wordpress plugin that does exactly that by mimicing a blocked pop-up.

It puts a bar across the top of the browser window telling you your free download (or trial offer if you’re into CPA) has been blocked and you have to ‘unblock’ it if you want access… that’s when you take them to your squeeze page or trial offer.

Here’s a video demonstration of Convert Action Bar in action which is the only plugin I know can do this at the moment:

Check out Covert Action Bar

Think About Your Users

Something you want to take into consideration is your end-user.  Take this blog for instance, it’s my hope and my goal (when time permits) to turn it into a place folk come back to on a weekly basis.  That it becomes a hub of information based experience and that means I don’t want to piss too many of those visitors off.

In time I want a loyal following which means (for the time being anyway) not using a pop-up to capture email details.

Note: Remember this is the internet and that might change!  Everything is a test!

Then I have other blogs in random niches where my main goal and incentive is, of course to provide value, but more to make money.  So I’m less worried about annoying my visitors who generally come to sort out an immediate problem and once that problem is solved — I very much doubt they’ll be back.

Different methods of attack for different markets.  Comes back to deciding upon your goals for your blogs and websites.



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