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List building de-mystery-fied

Years and years ago I made one hell of a mistake…

I was honest, too honest.

A girl I was seeing asked me if I’d ever cheat on her…

The correct answer is “Of course not” mixed in with some extra emotional horse-crap.

But that ain’t me.

What I said was…

“NO ONE can say they’re never going to cheat on someone, and if they do… they’re a liar!”

Yep, that is what I said.

While I’m right… no one goes into a relationship with the intention of cheating… like your best pal who gets the name of the ‘ love of his life’ tattooed on his arm… sh.t happens.

Relationships go bad, fail to work out and people get bored.

Now before you tear me a new a-hole, I’ve never cheated on anyone but I’m a introverted, pessimistic, realist who knows things go bad and NO ONE can see them coming. People cheat all the time, welcome to the real world buddy.


What I’m about to do is share the TRUTH, and like most TRUTHS you may not like it…

It might hurt my credibility, it might ruin your rose-painted picture of internet marketing but fcuk it.

It’s going to save you a ton of time and a lot of cashola because you’re never going to buy another shitty list building course (ever again) and instead you’ll know exactly what you need to grow your list.

So you ready?

Here goes nothing…

  1. Traffic
  2. Squeeze page conversions


That. is. it.

Every squirrel shit, list building course you ever buy can be boiled down to driving traffic to a squeeze page.

Free traffic, paid traffic.

YouTube traffic, Google Traffic.

Social media traffic, article traffic.

Shady traffic, whiter-than-white traffic.

You drive traffic to a squeeze page…

The more traffic, the bigger your list will grow.

The better the quality of the traffic, the bigger your list will grow.

The better your squeeze page (including lead magnet), the bigger your list will grow.

And — the bigger your list — the more moolah you will make.

So, my advice…

  1. Tell your other half you’ll never cheat on them and …
  2. Don’t fcuk about buying courses on List Building.

Instead INVEST in learning about a traffic source you like…

Or a traffic source your competitors are using…

Then send it to your squeeze page.

Testing, tweaking…

Testing, tweaking…

Getting results…

Making them better and better, and better still.

Find one traffic source and make it your bitch.

Simple. Basic stuff. That works.

See you later sweet heart,

Alan’s Internet Marketing x

P.S. Should I, could I, would I recommend a traffic course? Mmm, this is a cheap as chips insider look at driving traffic that won’t cost you a coffee.

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