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Like A Kick In The Balls… This Will Bring You To Your Knees!


Why is it, that sometimes you sit down, get ready to work and then don’t know what to do?

Why is it that sometimes you have millions of ideas — great ideas — but when it comes to the crunch of doing, you go blank and don’t know where to start?


The reason — this is true — isn’t really overwhelm. And it isn’t a lack of focus either.

That’s all classic bullshit that never gets sorted, that no ​newbie​ will ever overcome because they’re looking in the wrong place.

The real reason is a lack of priorities.

The problem is…

There’s so much to do!

Create a product, work on traffic, write an email — all good shit — but what’s important?

What comes first?

The traffic or the conversion?!

To build a list or create an audience?!

This is the internet marketing version of a ​kick in the balls​. You don’t feel it initially, you think you’re good-to-go, then the pain kicks in and it brings you to your knees.

You are down, and out!

Flicking through different screens on your browser, looking for ideas, looking for inspiration and — for some crazy reason — looking for someone to latch onto and copy.

Or worse still, find a WSO, a bright, shiny object to distract you from the pain.

Same old, same old.

And if you don’t change the record then nothing is ever going to change.


What do you do?

You find a plan. Not a bright, shiny object.

And you build a business, ONE business.

Then everyday all you have to do is remind yourself:

“What’s the ONE thing … the ONE thing I need to do today to move my little business forward?”

Then crack on with the doing.

Don’t look elsewhere.

Just wake up and do.

And if you need a little help, have a looksy here:

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Imagine you started to build a business five years ago and right now … thanks to building a REAL business you had the lifestyle you dreamt of. What would you say to yourself? How grateful would you be?

That’s how you HAVE to think today — make your future self — health, wealthy and FREE!

Ready to build that business? 


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