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Late Night Procrastination (… and how I’m conquering it)

Does this sound like you?

It’s currently 1:10am. It’s cold and dark outside but I’m warm.

Staring at a luminescent laptop screen, tapping away a few words in a Notepad file, wishing for a change in my life. A change that will bring about more money, give me more time and let me live life anonymously  autonomously, even.  Without so much as a peep of interference from anyone. And definitely not a boss.

Sound familiar?

Are you the kinda dude (or girl) who stays up ’til the birds start singing trying to ‘make a change’?


Maybe not.

Let me get back on track.

Let me tell you the point of this yarn (… the real point is in the P.S. if you can get that far).

It’s 1:10am and it’s still January. My New Years resolution to make a few permanent changes to my daily habits, is kinda working. More on than off, which isn’t bad for two weeks into January.

But here’s the problem.

It’s 1:10am.

And I should really be in bed.

No matter how dedicated, motivated and determined I am, I should be in bed sleeping.

You see the problem is…

I’ve been sitting here, on my arse since 11pm (which was over 2 hours ago) thinking about editing my latest Kindle book.

That failure to start is my epic fail.

And let me tell you, this isn’t really about discipline.

Heck, I sitting here getting ready to start editing, I’m just a little slow to start.

This game of success isn’t about having the discipline to do the work because I WILL do the work (I’ve made a promise to myself that started on the 1st January).

The problem is I haven’t done the work YET.

So here’s the answer, here’s the solution.

It’s not having the DISCIPLINE.

It’s sitting down and DOING the work NOW. Right now. Without delay. Without procrastination and without several hot chocolates, a glass of water and several trips to the toilet in between.

I just need to DO the work, and I know I’m not alone.

So here’s what my future step (as in, what I’m going to do at 11pm tomorrow night).

I’m going to stop thinking, stop procrastinating. I’m going to quit reading blog posts on how you can make the most of your personality type and actually achieving your dreams.

And just start DOING.

Then, when I’m done I can waste as much time as I like doing that other s***.

Or, I can go to bed.

Laterz haterz

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. This might seem a random post to you but it’s a whole lot more than that. You see, it’s a brain fart with a purpose. It’s brain fart where I didn’t really know (or care) about the outcome. I didn’t care what words would appear on my white notepad file.

But what I knew, is I’d be doing. I’d be creating momentum, getting brain and body moving. Letting it relax, taking the pressure off and then … I’d be one step closer to doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

So next time you read my blog… you might be reading another brain fart only next time it won’t be written at 1:10am. It’ll be written as soon as my laptop has fired up.

P.P.S. Just read this post by Scott Young on working with 20% effort.  It’s particularly apt especially at this time of year when folk are setting New Years Resolutions with demands and expectations that are so high… they can only come crumbling down… boy am I a miserable f**k 😉

Nighty, night.

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