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Jason Parker’s:Ultimate 2013 Gameplan Overview & Review

2013 Ultimate Gameplan

I’ve been a big fan of Jason Parker’s stuff for a long while.  Years in fact.

I’m a big fan of the fact that he values time over money.

You can always make more money… but time… that eventually runs out.

We should all do more to guard it.

And I clearly remember him emailing me once twice in my early days online.

The first time it was because he joined my list and saw me using the system he taught in a product.

The second time was because he taught I wrote really good emails.

He hasn’t emailed me in a while… maybe I’ve gone down-hill 🙂

Today — without reading the sales letter — I picked up a copy of his Ultimate 2013 Gameplan.

I didn’t need to read the sales letter because I knew it was about list building and I also know that Jason always teaches what he does.

That’s the real BIG difference.  He teaches what he does.


The Ultimate 2013 Gameplan Review

Snappin’ Necks and Cashin’ Checks Edition

Click HERE to check it out.

If you’re serious about building lists and sending out offers, the Jason is your man.

Like I said.

The dude values his time more than his money and yet he still makes 6 figures per year and has done for the past 3 years on the bounce.

Better still… he’d down it when the economy is in the gutter.

But what’s really interesting is he that he has recently changed his business BIG time.

Where he once smashed his list with a churn ‘n burn approach (… which is tough to do unless you can literally spend thousands of paid visitors to your opt-in pages) he now favors the relationship approach.

Which can only mean…

There’s more money to be made.

Plus you don’t need such deep pockets for paid advertising because you’ll have less unsubscribes, make more mony per visitor and they’ll buy from you mucho more.

The 68 page eBook is a remarkably honest and simple insight into his plans for the new year.

Section 1 – Three Goals for 2013

Over the next year art is plans to increase the price per sale for his (and affiliate products ) by promoting $197 to $497 products.  Now the profit on that is enough to get the driest lips wet… but the real interesting section here is why Jason lets slip WHY he’s going to limit his affiliate marketing efforts in the New Year.

Strange for a man who — for a long time — was 95% pure affiliate.   A sign of the times?

Instead his focus is going to be on big-assed buyers lists.  Growing his own and getting access to other  peoples.

Section 2 – Revelas His Cash Extraction Tactics

Only this year Jason was pinging out daily pitches.  Churning and burning his list but all that’s going to change.

Instead in less that 12 months he’s gone from burning a list to building a tribe of folk who know, like and trust him.

From there Jason goes onto reveal how to successfully launch products on the Warrior Forum, attract affiliates and create the kind of anticipation a child has for Father Christmas in December.  All very simple.  Very doable and practical information.

And if you’re looking for proof he has it in abundance as he shares how to get earnings per click of $1 to $2, how he got WSO of the Day 3 times in 3 months and how he stands out from the crowd and getting advertising and promotions noticed.

Section 3 – Shares a Real Email Sequence for a Successful Launch

Even if you suck at writing copy Jason share a very simple technique you can use to turn sales pages into profit pulling emails.

Since email is a MASSIVE part of his business, and pretty much anyone who does serious numbers online this is good stuff.


In fact if you’ve bought (… or been tempted) by the recent Auto-Responder Madness Launch this is a very similar method.

Section 4 – How to REALLY Build a Relationship with Your List

Everyone says it but no one really tells you how to do it.

Jason has turned his business around and relationships are a big part of this.  This is where he shares exactly how you can become THE authority in your niche which means people stop and listen to what you have to say.

This is really simple.  Almost no extra work on your part if you follow his advice on positioning.

Section 5 – His Three List Builders for 2013

Keeping it simple seems to be the motto for this entire report.

That and building a list of buyers but here Jason reveals his secret source for tapping into other people’s buyers lists.  I can guarantee that this is something very, very simple and the best part is that in MASS markets this could seriously snowball.

  • How to generat
    e HIGHLY quality leads ready to spend money
  • The very BEST place to get buyers leads (… page 23)
  • High quality, easy to get buyers leads
  • How to track links, traffic, opt-ins and conversions

Section 6 – H

ow to Be able to afford to Pay to Build Your List

When you pay for traffic you are paying for results.  Imaging driving traffic to a squeeze page for 6 months only to find out it wasn’t ?!

Well with paid traffic you can do that in a day.

And this is where Jason shows you his “Multistep” approach to landing pages with real examples.  These are part of his system for promoting high-ticket products, growing his following and building his relationships.

Done right… it will pay for your traffic supplies.

Section 7 is the best bit  with Seven Product Tactics

Product creation is a massive part of his new business but like I said earlier… Jason values his time.

Most product creators work stupid hours but here you learn how to come up with ideas, how to outsource your product creation and, even, how to half the amount of work you’re going to do.

  • How to create an amazing product
  • How to get profitable product ideas that people want
  • How Jason sold over 2000 front-end products
  • How to find out what people are ALREADY buying
  • How to break into any market and quickly get inside their minds, know what they’re thinking and what they’re buying
  • How he discovered a brand new market and how he’ll be flooding it with buyer traffic from MASS markets in 2013
  • How to REALLY understand the Warrior Forum market and target future customers
  • How to outsource your products
  • Why guru’s go belly up and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

Section 8 – The 3 Step Daily Plan

80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.  You just need to work out which part of your business is that 20.

Without giving it away, his three step plan is built from that 20% that gives him 80% of his money.

Section 9 – The ONLY 5 Subjects that Matter in 2013

Subjective?  Yes.

But if you want to learn from a 6 figure marketer serious about earning even more next year it’s worth following.

And if your interested in learning one of the few ways for the “Little Guy to Get Rich” in 2013 you should listen up.

Of course list building was on the list as was copywriting, something Jason has invested massively in, in 2013 with conversion rates in double digits and big earnings per clicks on his products.

You only have to check out this sales page to see it for yourself.

Section 10 – How to Promote Big Ticket Webinars

In this section Jason breaks down several email sequences he used to promote high-ticket webinars.  All simple emails you don’t need to be a copywriter to follow and understand.  Especially if you use his technique from section 3.

Part 11 – Specializing in 2013

Here’s the deal.

People only buy what they WANT, not what you think they need.

It’s important to find that out and when you do… specialise in it.

As if you didn’t know Jason is a expert in generating leads but he’s going to roll that out and expand it even more so over the next year.

In this section he explains why you need to specialize and what you need to do if you want it to be equally lucrative.

And since Jason is an expert in listbuilding and people want to buy stuff on list building — that’s exactly what he’s

Section 12 – Improving you self-image

This year I personally made the exact same money as I did last year.

Jason has made the same money for 3 years in a row now and branded himself as the X per month man.

Strange how — maybe — self-image is the reason behind these income plateaus.

Right here is where Jason shows how he intends to break his for the forthcoming year.  More importantly you can do the same for yourself.

Section 13 – How to Create Your Own 2013 Gameplan

This is 2 pages long and worth printing and pinning to your wall.

Inside you get to see Jason Parkers’ exact gameplan and build your own.

It covers cash extraction tactics, list building methods and product idea tactics.

Like I said.

Pin it to your wall good.


The recommended resources which include a whole lot of auto-responders (… surprise, surprise) and finishes with a list of more marketing books than you’d find in a local library.

Even if you just focused on 10 of the best of these books you’d have MORE than enough marketing know-how to eclipse most marketing graduates and line you pockets for generations.  Provided you apply them of course.


The 68 page report on Jason’s Ultimate 2013 Gameplan is hardly a master piece (… I only paid $7) but it is a must-read.

And as the New Year looms, it’s timely too.

After years floating around and jumping from idea to idea I KNOW for a fact that the only way to get rich online is by starting a real business.

One that revolves around listbuilding, product creation and getting repeat sales (… increasing the lifetime value of your customers).

2012 has been a difficult year.  The territory has changed and the Wild West of the Internet has well and truly disappeared.

This isn’t a “How to…” guide.

It’s a road map on how to build lists, create products and get the most sales possible from your efforts.

When you buy it you will get access to the future #1 Authority on list building and you might have to scout around for someone to learn product creation from (… I recommend Jimmy D. Brown or maybe Marlon Sanders).

The… the rest… you HAVE to find out for yourself by doing, Doing and DOING.
Like I said…I strongly recommend this guide if you need a straight forward, honest outlook for 2013 using a very real, very practical and — potentially — very lucrative business model.

“The Only Way Left for the Little Guy to Get Rich”

Click HERE to find out more



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