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Is Video Marketing the NEW Article Marketing? And the best thing I’ve done in 2012…

A few years back when I was starting out online BUM marketing was a real buzz word and every newbie and his dawg was doing it.    Ezine articles were ranking in the top 10 of Google (they were buddies at the time) and it’s was really kicking off.

Newbies loved it because you could get started with little or even ZERO investment (so little money a bum could do it) and you could use blogger blogs or other free sites to host your landing page.

Article marketing was HUGE and then learning how to write articles fast and how to profit from writing articles were big product sellers.

Now article marketing isn’t dead — it’ s changed with the times and if it interests you head on over to your friendly forum and start looking up ‘Article Syndication’ in these Post-Panda days.


Video marketing especially using YouTube is big bucks and the equivalent to what article marketing was a few years back — a great way to get ranked in the top 10 of Google and drive hoards of traffic to your website(s).

Right now getting video’s to rank is pretty easy IF you know how to do it and find the right keywords to target (a little like old-skool article marketing) — something Chris Ramsey talks about over at his blog.

I’m curious simply because it’s something I’m going to be doing for two reasons in the near future.  First for the traffic (just beware that Ezine Articles changed Post-Panda and it may well happen to YouTube too — think Jeff Johnson) and second, because it’s content for websites that encourages people to stay on your website longer.

Bounce-rates and time on sites are an ever increasing factor in 2012.

As for the BEST Thing I’ve Done in 2012…

… it’s pick up my iPod and start listening to the abridged audio version of Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  At a recently MMA Millionaires Event, key-speaker and Internet Marketing Millionaire Lloyd Irvin and Co. asked how many had read the book, then how many had applied the book.

Two very different things.

Now reading… I struggle to find the time… audio I can do when I’m driving, washing the dishes and when my girlfriend watches TV programs on weddings I have zero interest in.

Pick it up, listen to it and when you hear something that resonates – STOP.  Listen to that section over, and over and over — then APPLY it.  The start listening again.

You can pick it up at Amazon HERE and I recommend the audio over the book because it has clips of Napoleon Hill speaking and his voice fires me right up.  Nothing like hearing real examples from this legendary man.

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