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Internet Marketing Tips: How to Shake the Money Tree in 2012

Internet Marketing TipsIf you’re into internet marketing, you’re into making money… period.

Not saying you’re driven by money but you’re doing it to make money because it gives you a freedom not having money can ever provide.

From longer holidays to better working conditions.

It all comes back to being in a better financial, having freedom and independence.

And so…

It’s important you learn how to shake the money tree – but first you need a tree.

A place where visitors and offers come together, your own marketplace.  A place your visitors find value, the solution to their problem (or at least a link that shows them where to find that solution).

Might be a niche website, a blog promoting Amazon products of even selling your own eBook or service.

The method doesn’t matter – but having buy buttons and call to actions does – they’re your checkout, your cash registers and the doorways to your back account.

Make YOUR plan, get MORE buy buttons out there and build your own money tree(s) this year.

To a bigger, better 2012,

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