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Are You Guilty of Internet Marketing Incest?

Ouch!  Now before I get shot down… let me explain.

I’ve just been reading about internet marketers living in goldfish bowls over at Mark Thompson’s blog on Golf Fish tanks.  He explains how it’s easy to read the same forums, hang round the same communities and do the same crap as everyone else out there.

Everyone is copying everyone else — internet marketing incest — then wondering whey they’re not getting results!

Sometimes you gotta get out into the wider world and realize there’s a lot more going on out there.  Yesterday I realized that Google tells you most of what you need to know to get your affiliate niche sites ranking.  You don’t need to buy anything to start with.

Jimmy D. Brown said if something like “If someone seeks you out, don’t buy.  If you seek them out (ie. you’re looking for a solution to a problem) then it’s ok to buy”.  That’s sound advice because when other people are approach you… they’re trying to sell and those sales letters can be pretty persuasive!

But there’s more…

Mixed martial arts millionaire, Lloyd Irvin, talks about how he stopped copying everyone in the martial arts niche by GETTING OUT of the martial arts niche.  The lesson is not to even get outside your forum but get outside your entire niche.

So don’t just get outside your favorite internet marketing forum or community — get outside your entire market.  If you’re a copywriter don’t look in your health swipe file for headlines on health, check out your financial market swipe file and look for something new.

Take a step sideways and dare to be different.

Enough rambling for now but lesson of the day — you don’t have to leave your forum or community — just step outside and learn there is a wider world of information out there ready to help your business.

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  • Napoles February 10, 2012, 3:48 am

    Hey Alan ,

    Cool post man, and I know Exactly what you mean brother. Nowadays
    you have to think “outside the box” as a marketer and do something
    different so your online business can Grow otherwise here comes the rut.

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