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If you hate your job…

Life’s tough.

It’s even tougher when you hate your job.

My old house mate, Joe, had a good system for getting through the week.

He told me…

“Alan, you just gotta get to Wednesday. When you get to Wednesday you’re three days into the week… just two left to go… and Friday’s don’t really count”

Somehow – the clever b.stard – managed to get through the entire Friday without lifting a finger.

Then it was the weekend.

Joe lived for the weekends. The beer, the birds (girls) and the hang-over.

Guess what…

His system works.

He set a small goal. Then got to it.

He set another small goal. Then got to it.

In fact, it’s how Navy SEALS get through HELL Week.

They set small goals.

To survive to lunch. Then to dinner. Then to breakfast.

Then rinse and repeat until you earn your Navy SEALS badge.

It’s a good system for getting through HELL.

But it’s a shit way to live your life.

Just getting to Wednesday. Then getting THROUGH Wednesday.

That sucks.

‘Specially when you got another 30 years of work to look forward to.

So what’s the solution.

What’s the other option. The ‘other pill’.

Well that’s simple, it’s a side-hustle.

Something you – erm – do on the side.

A little income. It starts small, and gradually grows.

Now here’s the catch. You gotta be patient.

As the saying goes:

“The quickest way to stay broke, is to try and get rich quickly” – Ben Settle

Read that again….

I’ll wait for you…

It’s good right? And 1,000,000 percent true.

Most folk are out wandering around desperately trying to find a side hustle that will replace their job.

They hate their job. They resent their life. And the future it’s leading to.

The problem is DESPERATION causes intelligent people to do CrAzY things.

Like buying into B.S. bright, shiny objects.

Hoping to grow some ‘magic tree’ they can pick dollah bills from.

Life doesn’t work like that.

You have to be patient. Consistent. Determined.

Instead of chasing magic solutions, you have to start a REAL business.

And guess what…

It takes work. Disclipine and determination.

You have to put in SOME time.

You have to be happy to earn a little, then a little more and a little more…

Before you know it, you’ve quit your job.

Now you don’t have to ‘get to Wednesday’. You can actually start to enjoy life, feel proud of your accomplishments and enjoy your new found freedom.

All from a side hustle.

A patiently, well executed side hustle.

Food for thought, huh?

Stay awesome…

Alan’s Internet Marketing

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