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If the Zombies don’t come

A few weeks back I came across a Survivalist Podcast.

The interviewer asked…

“What if the world doesn’t fall apart?

“What if the Zombies don’t come?

“What if World War 3 doesn’t happen?

“If the dollah doesn’t collapse and the Earth isn’t hit by a meterorite strike?”

“Won’t you have wasted your entire life preparing for something that hasn’t happened?”

The interviewee said…

“It doesn’t matter, if it happens or if it doesn’t happen, provided my life is better for my preparing.”

The penny dropped and it changed the way I think about things… FOREVER.

You see he’s not just prepping for the end of the world. This clever survivalist is making his life better… he’s doing things he enjoys… he’s learning skills that are useful, he can trade, earn money with…

If the end of the world comes — he WINS!

If it doesn’t — he’s now a useful mutha’ucker who can earn more money, do cool things and has a great time doing them.

That’s a ridiculously important lesson.

It’s too easy to get scared about starting, or COMMITTING to a new Internet Biz’ness because your’re scared of failing.

Wasting time.

Wasting money.

Looking stupid to the missus.

Letting the kids down (… and letting yourself down, again).

It’s too easy to think about the negatives… and either a) not get started or b) start and the quit before you’re even half-way through.

It’s too easy.

It’s too easy to justify it to yourself because of the time, money or [insert sh.t excuse] you’re going to save by quitting.

But not if you take the survivalist approach…

Where whatever you do, and whatever happens…

Your life is enhanced.

Your prospects increase.

You skills grow.

And the chance of future success is even more likely.

So imagine…

You set up a biz’ness on ye olde t’internet.

In the process you become a pretty good copywriter, however the biz’ness fails…

Oh well, you picked up what’s potentiall a 6-figures skillset.

Or you learn how to drive hoards of traffic from FB adverts…

Well then on biz’ness number 2 you’re one step ahead of the curve thanks to the skills you picked up on failure numbero uno.

Or you make contacts who want to Joint Venture with you.

Skills and assets. Skills and assets my boy.

If you’re smart, if you’re clever and if you choose your projects wisely…

Nothing bad will ever happen to you.

You’ll never waste time, lose money or really fail.

If you focus on building a REAL business with REAL skills then no matter what happens, you will always win.

Pick your battles, pick you business ideas and ALWAYS make sure that no matter what happens…

You ALWAYS win!

Alan’s Internet Marketing x

P.S. be smart in everything you do, pick battles where you always win, make contacts, learn skills — so no matter what hits the fan — you always walk away a winner.

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