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How’s that internet thingy working out for ya?

It’s embarrassing to admit failure…

Especially the kind where you’ve promised (or imagined) the world, the house, the hotels, the holidays and the future you’re going to be living…

To your nearest and dearest

To your best friends, and worst enemies

To your boss, and to your work colleagues

It’s even worse to have to admit it to yourself, assuming you can admit it to yourself.

So let me ask that question again… and YOU tell me if it’s embarrassing or not…

“How’s that internet thingy working out for ya?!”

You know… the one that means you’ll quit your job, sack your boss, work from home, never have to worry about moolah, death or taxes ever again…

And now tell me…

Is it internet thingy” or internet dream”?

Tell me, SERIOUSLY, TELL ME, how’s that “internet thingy” working out for you.

I want to know.

Alan‘s Internet Marketing x

P.S. Listen dude, we’re in this together. I mean it, tell me.

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