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How to Increase Your Chance of Success to 95%

I lis’end to an interesting interview the other day.

The dude, the marketer, the anti-guru guru is someone I wasn’t sure I could trust.

Shaved head, tattoos and a Welsh accent. Not a good start… Just kidding.


This bad-boy marketer believe it or not did a cool million dollars in 21 days.

And when I went to recent marketing event (come networking gig) I hooked up with a chap who said this anti-guru guru was the real deal. And a jolly nice chap too.

Now I’m starting to trust him. All of a sudden he’s got a verbal testimonial from a real person.

There’s a lesson there somewhere…

So I picked up his latest front-end product. I didn’t buy the upsells although I was sorely tempted at the time.

The product is a recorded Webinar he did for his coaching clients. Some pay upwards of $5000 for the priviledge.

There’s two bonus recordings in there too. Total coaching time is 4+ hours and I can’t speed up the playback.

Still, it’s worth it. I made notes, not too many, just enough that I can take action and start to apply right away to my online businesses.

Note the plural. Businesses.

Here’s the dealio. The one big thing that won’t just help me with my business, it’s the BIG thing that’s holding me back. Maybe even stopping me from achieving my financial goals.

Like the most best tips it’s simple. Slap yourself in the forehead simple.

So come close, read this and then read it again:

  • If you try to build one business you have a 95% chance of success
  • If you try to build two, then it drops, you have a 70% chance.
  • And if you try three… bad news for you. You’ve a 50% chance of making it.

General jist, the big take-away is you got to focus.

Right now I got me two blogs, three affiliate niches sites, 2 lists in 2 different marketer and an information marketing business in the internet marketing niche.

Man… and that doesn’t even include the bright shiny objects I got queued up to read and try.

What about you?

How many projects do you have on the go?

Could it be you’re spreading yourself so t-h-i-n-l-y that you chance of success is only 50%? Maybe less?

Heck you might as well flip a coin because that’s essentially what your future is looking like.

A 50:50 chance.

As harsh as it might sound, it’s time to ditch those projects.

It’s time to pick ONE business, the one with the most potential and stack the odds in your favour.

It’s time to increase your chance of success to 95%.

It’s time to get serious!

Hope this helps, leave you comments below!

Alan’s Internet Marketing

P.S. Interested in learning from the anti-guru guru? Click HERE.


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