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How to Homer Proof Your Business

Everytime I learn something new, it pushes something old outta my brain” – Homer Simpson

Ha ha…

So last night I was driving home, England had just gotten smashed by the Ozzies in the Rugby World cup – I have no idea of the rules – and I was listening to some dude talk business.

That’s where I get my internet marketing edu-ma-cation.

In the car.

Which frees up my doing time for, erm, doing instead of learning (…that’s a little porky pie).

It was an interview with Dan Meredith, a dude who has literally risen from no-where to something like 6 figures per month in less than 2 years.

F..king amazing.

He started out as a copywriter, got into sales funnels and now has a gazillion and two businesses on the go.

And he aims to get them up, profitable and automated in 90 days.


What was your excuse again…?

Talk about a kick in the ass for us all.

BUT the big take-away from the interview for me was…

You got to keep your business “Homer simple“.

Listen, if Homer Simpson doesn’t get your business model, if he can’t work it out…

Get back to the drawing board.

‘Specially if you’re starting out.

Working on your first hundred, or thousand dollar month. Busting your nut to quit a day job.

You must, Must, MUST keep it simple.

You don’t have the time to be fu.king around with 17-click upsells.

Just keep it simple.

You here me (… oh no, a grammatical error).

Simple. Simple. Simple.

Your business gotta be ‘Homer Simple

Then you got three ‘other’ things to do:

1) Put in the time

2) Put in the work

3) GET the SH.T DONE

There are no excuses.

There is no trying; there is just doing and not doing.

Yoda style.

And if you fail. You get back up and you go again.

Time to man-up, get tough and get it done me-thinks.

Have a good Sunday,

Big Al x

P.S. Listen, this isn’t really related to this email – or is it – but if I was to go back in time, start over again…

Something I’d do is focus on LEARNING a skill as you build your business. Just one specific skill other folk’d pay for. Maybe traffic, maybe webdesign. Me, personally, I’d choose copywriting because it’s about learning how to sell more stuff. It’s about multiplying sales.

If I was to drill down further… it’d be email copywriting. Sure it’s still copywriting but it’s a lot easier to bang out a 500 word email (or less) and make a sale than it is to write a sales letter. Plus it’s a skill you can sell. Get good and you can easily sell your skills to other marketers and write their emails and their auto-responders for them.

That’s a cool gig to pay the bills, earn some seed money and to build your business around.

Wanna learn how? Here’s a good place to start.

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