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How to have Whoopsy-Whiffling creativity

I’m not arty.

I don’t do drawings.

Science and facts are more my ‘thang’.

So I (wrongly) wrote myself off as an ‘uncreative soul’.

Which is a bit of a shitter when you’re trying to come up with ideas for markets, niches, for products, emails, salesletters…

Pretty much EVERYTHING you got to do as a marketer.

Little *gem* of a side-note here:

Your job as an ‘internet marketer’ is to come up with *new* ideas to package solutions. To be creative and to find angles, hooks and ways to make your product appeal to your potential buyers – in other words – be creative.

Being creative is important so how do you become creative if you’re “Not the Creative Type?”

I’ll tell you…

It’s simple…

Just promise not to be a dick about it, and write it off because it’s so-simple…

You get two items, and you put them together

That be it.

Like, you put a camera with a mobile phone… and see how that takes off.

Or combine a television… with the internet… and see if people like to STREAM their movies to their living rooms – it might just work

And THAT is how creativity really works.

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun” – Ecclesiastes 1:9

So here’s the cool part, the fun part….

Roald Dahl – one of my favourite childhood authors was super smart, a great writer and creative genius (who knew the secret to creativity).

He wrote AMAZING kids books with AMAZING words that kept them interesting and fun to read.

He came up with:

* Gloriumptious – something thats glorious and wonderful (and probably scrumptious)

* Crabcrunchers – creatures that live on the high cliffs around the sea

* The Majester – the Queen (perhaps combined with a Jester)

* Swigpill – something digusting

* Whizzpopping – gas released from ones bottom

* Whoopsy whiffling – something great!

* … and a lot-lot more.

So there you have it, how to be whoopsy whiffling when it comes to creativity!

See you later Quogwinkle,

Alan’s Internet Marketing x

P.S. Under my ucky-mucky breath this is what I’m thinking:

“Reader (that’s you) don’t write this sh.t off as crap or obvious. It might be super-simple and I might be sharing it for free, but that doesn’t make it any less of value. Creativity is how problems are solved, new products created, it’s how new sales letters are crafted, offers built and it’s how emails are written.

You get two ideas, you put them together.

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