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How to Be a Better Internet Marketing Blogger

Everyone talks about bringing out their personality in their marketing. To stand out from the crowd and learn that when you try to appeal to everyone… you appeal to no one.

Fair e-nuff and all true.

The ‘fing is – no one gives a rats ass about your dog, your cat and the three chipmunks you have in your garden BECAUSE it don’t help them.

Yeah sure, bring out your personality – write how you talk, give ’em a little insight into your life just remember the famous acronym:


What’s. In. It. For. Me

Everything has to come back to your visitors, your subscribers and accepting the fact that ultimately we’re all interested in just ONE thing — US.

Now before I bore the pants off you (for the record pants is what we call our underwear here in the UK) let me round off with one BIG PHAT giant mistake I make with my blog and others do too…

They blog about Internet Marketing in general and guess what — when you try to appeal to everyone, you appeal to no one — it’s one thing understanding that, it’s another thing APPLYING it.

[Note: Which is why I’m currently encouraging EVERYONE to pick up the audio version of Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill right now and acutally start applying it].

Back to your blog…

… it shouldn’t be about you per se.

It should be about what your business is about and reveal insights that can help your readers. Nate Rivers has a blog about niche-sites, guess what? Niche-sites are what he does.

Trent Dyrsmid has a blog about niche-sites with an adsense emphasis – guess where he makes his money.

If you gotta blog — use it mate — but blog about your business, what you’re doing, testing, trying, experimenting and learning.

That way it becomes useful virtual real-estate and not a wikipedia of generic non-sense.

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