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How I’m Changing My Life…

Life can be pretty shit.

It can be one hell of a fecking grind, that’s for sure.

And I say that as a father of one, a husband and a man who’s sat at his computer at 00:32 typing this to someone who may or may not give a shit.

But there’s a reason.

For one, I’m wouldn’t waste your time if there wasn’t value here.

And two, I’m making my life better by writing these ‘magic‘ words on this white laptop screen right now.

Let me explain.

Did I say life is shit?

Just kidding.

I’ll get back to explaining…

I’m a fucking retard.

An introvert who thinks too much. I procrastinate, overthink, question, need structure, order and I need to know I’m making a difference. I’m slow to make a decision and because of that, choosing a niche is like pulling teeth. I suck at it.

And if someone can help you better than me, I’d point you in their direction. I’d probably even pay the taxi fair for you because that is how I am.

Now here’s the sad bit.

The harsh reality is often, that someone isn’t better than me.

I just think they are.

Because of that (… maybe you’re the same kinda person) I might as well be putting a knife to my Achilles and ripping through it, incapacitating and handicapping myself all thanks to a lack of faith in myself, my skills and my abilities.

Now before I spin into a blackhole of self-depreciation, bore you the fcuk out of you and start bitching and whinging, I got something to say.

Build skills.

Real skills.

No matter what you want to do ‘online‘ in this internet marketing world, invest in yourself and build REAL skills other folk will pay for.

And I say this as someone who’s fannied the fuck around for more than a few years.

Thanks to that pussy-footing around all I have to show for it is a few random bits ‘n pieces but no real, solid skills I can sell as a service or create a truly value packed, super-duper product with.

Which is one of the reasons I’m writing this blog post.

To improve my writing, find my voice and start building some REAL skills that pay BIG, scary bills in the future.

Which, by the way, is a great place for you to start.

Not by creating a blog (ok, you can) but by getting off your fat ass and starting to write shit.


Might be a blog post, it could be a Kindle Book.

Learn to write sales copy.

You might write an eCourse or start writing bundles of articles you can sell to other blog owners (… who are too damn lazy to do it themselves).  Truth be told, I don’t really care what you do, just so long as you do something that teaches you REAL skills.

Skills you can charge people in the real world for, fool.

Doing this, it’ll change you.

You’ll learn something new, you can leverage it and … with a little bit of perseverance … you might just manage to change your future.

Then life won’t be shit and it won’t be a grind.

You’ll be living the dream.

Well fancy that?

You might even manage to sack your boss … shame 😉


Alan’s Internet Marketing

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