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Go stick your mouse up your USB…

How’ bout this…

Self-discipline is more important than intelligence when it comes to success.

Been reading a cool book called ’59 Seconds’ which is a self-help kinda book that’s based on scientific evidence rather than wimpy guru BS.

So there you have it.

No more excuses for failure.

Because being dumb ain’t no reason for failure anymore.

The better news, is you can improve your self-discipline a lot easier than you can your intelligence!

Let’s turn that ‘no excuse‘ into ‘zero excuse‘.

Better still, let’s turn that fact into something more useful…

How do you become more self-disciplined?

For me, it came down to habit.

My habit wasn’t making daily progress, writing emails, creating products and getting traffic.

I’d do it, then not do it.

Then go try something different.

And not do that.

What you need, what everyone aspiring to sack their boss and quit the BS rat race is…

To choose a single business, a single model and commit to it.

Do it day in, day out.

You’ll get results, you’ll make progress, you’ll make some moolah and — more importantly — you’ll have feedback on what works and what doesn’t

No other monkey can do that for you.

It’s down to you.

To get stuck in, uncover your markets deepest, darkest secrets and get some results from the real world.

Self-discipline my friend.

Tell the guys selling hyped up promises of riches and over night success to ‘go stick their mouse up their USB‘ because you got you a life to be changing.

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P.S.  This is exactly why my ‘stolen system’ of working for 33 minutes and 33 seconds each and every day works… it builds discipline and daily progress into my business – it’s the exact same system I reveal HERE.

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